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Gandalf as a wee little guy

Gandalf now

I really need to get out and get the pictures I had taken when I first got him developed. I'm so bad about not developing pictures. It's a good thing I got a digital camera so now I don't have to worry about it.
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It is awesome to see the growth of all of your perfect furbabies! Susan, I especially liked the ones of babies Sophie and Rosie on that huge couch! So funny
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Here's Luxor my stud im not sure how old he is in all of these kitten pictures because I didn't own him untill recently.

he is the white one in the background in this picture.

and here he is a little older

and finally right now at approx. 1yr. and 8 months

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More cute pics
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both luxor and the other kitty in the pic with him are gorgeous...
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Buddy is the only cat I've had since kittenhood. All my other cats were rescues that I found full grown. But BOY do I have baby pics of Buddy!!!

Here's the little guy at about 6 weeks (we think he was about 5 when we found him)

and here he is the other day. He's about 4 months now
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Princess is the only cat I've had since she was a kitten. I got her at 7 weeks and she weighed 12 ounces. Now at 9 years old (she will be on 10 5/1/05) she's almost 13lb (not bad for an anorexic cat). These pictures were taken from her scrapbook that I did when she was 7.

This is her a couple days ago. Please excuse the look on her face she was mad. She has quite an attitude.
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This is Claire a little bit after she came to live with me.

And a couple weeks later.

This is her around 8 months old. I couldnt find one of just her.
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Originally Posted by captiva
Gosh Bay is getting big!

I didn't realize that your Fliss had been abandoned, Beth

Here's little George (like you haven't seen these 1000 times )

Little guy now


CHRIS!! IS THAT YOU????????? I can see your hand!

George is such a cutie!!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
CHRIS!! IS THAT YOU????????? I can see your hand! George is such a cutie!!
And even a tiny bit of chin if you look really close.
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We might get to piece together a complete picture one day
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I have a good amount of photos of my babies.

Trish when I first got her. She is so sick looking(sept 04)

Trish now at 6-7 months old

Tigger and Gizmo at 5 weeks old when I got them , my first ferral kits.
Boy wa Gizmo mean at first.

Tigger and Gizmo now 6 months, Gizmo out wieghs his sister now.

Hampster at about grrr, hmm 3-4 months old(too much happening at the time to remember)

Hampster now at 7 months old.

Piccolo when we first got him around , hm I say he was 3-4 months(pretty much i got every one at 3-4 months old)

Piccolo now at 7-8 months old, He is a heart throb.

Tabitha 3-4 months.. Don't tell here i have this photo. She never acts cute.

Tabitha now 8 months or more

Babi at 4 weeks old, White patch on her

Babi now 7 months old

Jasmin when we got her 3-4 months old

Jasmin now at 9-10 months (need to count the months huh, lol)

Decker 4 weeks old( I dont have him, he is with my aunt. He still is my Baby though)

Decker now at 7 months and 9lbs(my aunt just told me his weight
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Awesome pics!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac

I really never get tired of that pic. I just LOVE looking at it your little sweetie!
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My boy @ 2wks

my boy today 8 wks
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OMG!! All these kitties are SOO adorable!! I got Adia full-grown and it kinda makes me want to get a baby sometime so I can watch them grow up!
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Thomas and Cooper are just my favourite furbabies on this whole forum!! I have lost count of the amount of people I have made sit through my searches on your Thomas and Cooper Show thread so that I can show off your pics! They are just EDIBLE!!!
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ok so my kids are not even close to being grown up yet but since it's my first litter I take pictures of them like every day so i'll show what I have. They are a ripe old age of 1 week and 4 days old today.

Here's them at less then 24 hours old

duma at 1 day old

tiny feet at one day old

mommma and babies at one day old

cash at one day old

now here they are at one week old (the one im holding onto is cash, look at his picture above)

the one im holding onto in this picture is duma at one week old (look at her picture above)

and yesterday (look at them already trying to walk!)

cash yesterday at one week and 3 days old

more to come as they grow!
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All these kittens and adults are so adorable! And kittens to older kittens too.

FYI, I merged the threads of the same theme so we can enjoy all of these wonderful transformation from adorable kittens to stunning adult cats.
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
We might get to piece together a complete picture one day
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More cute pics!
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The babies, and adults are great
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