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Is it stress?

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About three years ago when Lily was one I lived with a friend and she brought home a new kitty. A few months after the addition lily started losing hair on her face and it was very red, looked like it was bloody. The new kitten was infested with fleas and I thought perhaps Lily was allergic to them. I took her to the vet and they told me it looked like a rug burn. Lily and I moved from the apartment a few months later and her face cleared right up.

Well, I got a new kitten a few months ago, and the same thing is happening to Lily. This time it is under her lip. Neither one of them has fleas. I called a vet and the lady told me that it could be stress. She said to put neosporin on it and call in a few days if it gets worse. My poor baby. Her and the kitten sleep together and eat together but I notice that Lily doesn't have a minute of peace when the kitten is awake. I can't play with her nor does she sleep on me anymore. Is this unhealthy for Lily. She is like my child and I don't know how to relax her. I am completely torn up. Suggestions would be wonderful.
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Poor Lili - you are probably right, she needs a break. Can you separate the kitten for at least a few hours from her? Can you try and tucker the kitten out a bit (I know this is a tall order). How about giving Lili some Bachs Rescue Remedy (it made up of wild flowers) to help her relax and get through this better. Or dare I say get your kitten another kitten to play with. I know I am playing devils advocate and both kitten might gang up on Lili - but something to think about.
What does your Vet?
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I've tried to stick the kitten in the bathroom and believe it or not Lily just cries and cries and cries. I don't get it.

You are so funny :LOL: Another kitty NO WAY!! I don't think I will get another kitten for a really long time. I think I will try the rescue remedy. Should I give it to the kitten, or Lily?

The vet suggested that I swat the kitten on the bottom with rolled up news paper whenever she goes to attack Lily. Is that horrible to do? I thought I'd ask before I tried.

Thanks for the advise.
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HOLEY COW....don't ever smack a cat unless you want a very skiddish and/or aggressive cat on your hands. The only thing that hitting a cat teaches them is to fear humans. I wish I could smack this vet!!
The rescue remedy would help Lily, so she should get it. Just put it in her water over a long period of time or just 4 drops on the tongue. As far as training the kitten, loud noises are the best line of defense. You need to find a noise that the kitten does not like or gets taken back by. Clapping, a coffee can filled with pennies etc, and when the kitten is doing something it shouldn't...make that noise and say a firm no. Just keep doing this and they really do get the idea.
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I thought the smacking the kitten on the butt was a little out there. That's why I asked first. Unfortunately, you just can't trust that many vets. I just feel so bad for Lily, like I said she doesn't have a minute of peace when the kitten is awake. I suppose I'll try the rescue rememdy with Lily.

Should I be worried about Lily's face getting infected. Is there anything else I could do besides the neosporin or is this the best medicine for her?
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I just thought of something funny(in my own twisted way)...what if Lily is allergic to cats...LOL..
If it IS stress induced, then yes the best thing is to keep it clean and medicated. Without seperating the 2 for a little bit each day, that just leaves Lily to maybe adjust and it will all get better. Is there anything you can think of that maybe you or someone else bathed the cat in or something that may be causing the reaction with her?
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Oh Sandie, thanks for the chuckle.

I am pretty sure it is stress. I was stuck in Chicago for almost 2 weeks when the terrorist attack happend. I had family looking in on them, but that right there was probably stressful to her, since she oesn't tolerate any person but me. Lily doesn't get bathed, I think I would lose a hand. Her routine is the same, and this is the same thing on her face she got 3 years ago when a roommate brought a cat home.

I have been putting the neosporin on her face but it doesn't look any better. If I get some rescue remedy for Lily and put it in her water, would it be dangerous if the kitten drinks some of it?

Thanks for your help with this!! Really and truly I think I am stressing out over this more than Lily is.
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Well, I was grabbing for something, thinking maybe the kitten had gotten bathed in something that may give her an allergic reaction. It wouldnt hurt the kitten at all with the rescue remedy. Maybe it will shave a little energy off..hehe. If it is an allergy type sore, then no the neosporin is just going to keep it from getting infected. Usually it requires a steriod ointment for it to improve without taking the stress away. Maybe ask the vet about panalog.
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Oh, thank you so much Sandie. I am dreading having to take Lily to the vet but it sounds like I might have to.

I will ask about panalog and I am definitely going to get the rescue remedy.
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I agree that maybe the vet should be smacked, but not with rolled up newspaper. I think I would find another vet.
I was having a similar problem with my new cat's arrival. My vet suggested getting a spray bottle, which is commonly used for behavior modification with cats. You can spray it and they don't usually know where it's coming from. She also suggested putting a collar with a bell on him so that the others in the house would here him coming, however, there can be some concerns about collars. There is a chance that they can become trapped or hooked on something when wearing a collar. I will tell you from one who proclaimed that I would not bring another kitten in the house, it will get better. I wouldn't have believe that a few weeks into the new cat's arrival. It will help tremendously once he is neutered. Good luck and know that things will get better.
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It was thankfully not my vet, just one I called on the phone for advice. So much for that.

Unfortunately, Molly loves water. Being a Bengal I should have known a spray bottle would not have worked. She takes a shower with me every morning, so when I spray her she thinks I am playing.

Lily has gotten worse. Her bottom lip is pertruding out. I am going to take her to the vet. I think Molly might have clawed her. I am at my witts end with this kitten. She is horrible and a bully. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't feel bonded with her. Lily is my pride and joy and I can't stand by and see the kitten being so horrible to her.

I feel completely defeated, I can't even make the kitten mind me. Hopefully the answers will come to me soon.

Thanks for your responce.
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If it was me, I'd be thinking about getting rid of the kitten. But I have noticed, most kittens go through a very agressive playful stage and then they almost miraculously settle down almost over night. It just happend with our Sparky last week. He still would like to wrestle more than Blackie wants to, but they don't growl any more and I never see Blackie grab his throat. So whatever it was, it was a scary several weeks, but they worked it out.

I was wondering . . . Sparky likes to suck on Blackie and he's pulled out a few chunks of fur. Could your kitten be sucking on Lily's face?

Also, I have heard that cats have a very hard time keeping their chins clean and often develop acne there. It can look red and inflamed, just like with a person, and they lose fur. Perhaps it is the stress of adjusting that is causing acne to flare up on her face? Though neosporin wouldn't help that much, I don't think.

Final thought: I used to separate Blackie and Sparky when they got too rambunctious. I was often afraid Sparky would get hurt. It seemed to make a difference to them which one got put in the other room and which one stayed with me. It was like they knew who started it and needed to cool off and if I got it wrong they were bothered. So maybe Lily is saying she'd like to be isolated (maybe in your bedroom rather than the bathroom) instead of the kitten? She might be asking for a space to call her own. I know Blackie has changed his hiding place several times as Sparky has figured it out or gotten big enough to reach it.

Good luck!
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Well, I took Lily to the vet on Sunday. What an ordeal!! Sunlion you were right it was Feline Acne. It is caused from plastic food containers. I have always fed Lily from glass dishes but when I was stuck in Chicago my mother bought the cats a plastic food cat feeder. Wow... who would have known?

I started giving Lily the rescue remedy on Friday night, and by Sunday things were well. It was time for Lily's appt. So with no problem she climbed into the carrier. We were at the vet, and I had pre-warned them on the phone that she doesn't like people and might bite or scratch. They were ready... We weighed her, and that's when she decided she had enough. The vet asked me to put her on the table and that was the first bite. My hand starts bleeding, Lily jumps off the table and I start crying. I feel awful for Lily and hate having to put her through this. I pick her up and set her back on the table so the Dr. can look at her face. She turned her head so quickly I didn't have time to get away. She bit right through my finger. OUCH!! Lily's mad, I'm crying and the vet is worried about my finger. Finally they had to give her a little bit of laughing gas to relax her. I didn't even know of such a thing, but it was wonderful. No side affects and she was alert and ready to go in 20 min. Now the challenge is giving her the meds. I put the liquid mixed in a tiny bit of tuna and than smear the cream on her chin when she's not looking.

I did research on the internet Friday night and the symptoms she had matched to cancer perfectly. Needless to say I was a reck on weekend. I am so happy she is okay. Now I am off to the Dr.'s to get antibiotics of my own.

Thanks for all the advice. You guys are fabulous!!
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So sorry to hear of your ordeal. I hate thinking about putting my babies through stressful vet visits. I know some vets will recommend using Benedryl when traveling with pets. Maybe you could check and see if it is a possibilty for your baby. I have given it to my dog before a vet visit just to "take the edge off - he doesn't weigh much more than my kitties. Your vet could recommend a proper dosage. Also, I had a friend who got some pills from her vet for travel. Don't know what they were called, though. They didn't knock the kitty out, but just relaxed him enough to make everyone's trip more pleasant.
Hope your injuries heal quickly. Ain't nutin' dat hurts like a cat bite, huh? - well, unless it's a cat scratch. Hope you're both better soon.

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Thanks Janine.

The car ride was pleasant it was the vet ordeal that was awful. Lily saw that thermometer coming right for her and she was having none of it!!

I went to the Dr.'s yesterday they put me on antibiotics. The funniest part... It's the same stuff Lily is on :LOL: We take our meds together.
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