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Bedtime=Playtime for Nyght

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I've seen this here a few times... Every night like clockwork as soon as I am crawling into the bed, there is NyghtShade. She jumps in the middle of the bed, I throw the blanket on her, and it is time to play. I will play a little until she is done with that game, then the next game begins. Let's attack feet as they slide under the covers. Then as we are laying there, she pounces from me to my hubby, then back. If one of us even moves a muscle, she pounces. At first hubby got mad, and didn't want the kittens playing on us before bed. Now that it is just Nyght, it's become a little bit of a ritual.

She will play with our feet, hands, knees, the wrinkles in the blankets, or what ever for a little while. Sometimes I fall asleep before she's done playing, sometimes she hears one of the older cats in the kitchen, and she runs off to investigate.

We really don't mind her playing on us before bed. I usually laugh and laugh and laugh at her before I go to sleep, and I really enjoy the games she plays. I was just curious though, could this be a bad thing? We've discussed the fact that she will get bigger still (she's 6months old now), and her pouncing on us might start to hurt, but other then that I can't think of anything that would be bad...

Anyone else let their cats play on them at night?
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Aww....your kitten sounds lovely....actually for a long period I didn't let my cats in my room so they would do all their running about in the main room. Now that I do let them in my bedroom (they are both 6)...they simply fall asleep on either side of my pillow...so I really can't help you there.

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She is wonderful. She has really been a great addition to our family. Everyone loves her, and she's such a social butterfly cat. lol, She's got a great little person...ality... catality?
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When we first got our two kittens we used to have a similar pattern at night. In the end we were too tired in the morning to let it continue. We now let them stay in the bedroom for a while and play with them. They like to join in and help, as we undress and put our night things on by killing our socks etc. When we've all had a good play we feed them and settle them in the bathroom (it's quite a large bathroom and the safest room) for the night and they sleep until morning. We daren't leave them loose, although we might do when they're older and calmer. At the moment they're little hooligans and would be up to all sorts, like knocking over lamps, climbing curtains ... you know the sort of thing. For everyone's safety, including their own, at the moment, they have to be confined when we're not there to keep an eye on them.
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Dakota, my 7 mo. old kitten does the same thing. At first, she used to just attack my feet. Lately she runs...

and runs...and runs...and runs...

I've tried to tire her out before I go to bed, but to no avail. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, so once I'm out. What she does is beyond me. Thankfully, I don't have alot of "breakable" items in my apartment.
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I used to with Rosie. The minute i took my slippers off in the bedroom she would chase after my feet!.

But then i got Sophie!, and now the pair of them chase each other around the house and tire themselves out that way
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lol. Luckily for us, we don't usually have to be to work until around 11am. If we are tired enough, we will crash while she's playing. If nobody knows any reasons this could be bad when she's older, I won't worry about it. If there are drawbacks later, I guess I'll keep them in mind for the next kitten we raise LOL.

Nyght and her daddy also have other games they play that I didn't know. The belt game, she tries to attack his belt as he puts it on, and when he takes it off. The shoelace game, she attacks his shoelaces as he ties them.

He still disciplines her in the same way... LOL picks her up and kisses her and tells her bad kitty, then kisses her again... LOL
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Geh, that's jason and Paige as well! He says "piggy, no!"and scritches her at the same time, lol. I know I'm going to be just as bad withthe bottlebrush we're getting here..
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I usually play with my two before bedtime wearing them out. A laser pointer or remote control car works really well. By bedtime, we are all tired and sleep through the night. We all wake up refreshed.
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Originally Posted by NavDoc
I usually play with my two before bedtime wearing them out. A laser pointer or remote control car works really well. By bedtime, we are all tired and sleep through the night. We all wake up refreshed.
Luckily for me, I don't have problems waking up refreshed since I can fall asleep with her playing and attacking my feet. I'm not sure we could tucker out the Shady Lady.

She's a little ball of energy that just doesn't wanna quit.
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Mine plays right before bed and when i wake up. But he really hurts coz he bites really hard.
needless to say my hands are teared up
But he is learning.......
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