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Alexander - Nine Short Days

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This is a thread that was lost in the great crash, but slightly altered.

In late October, Mom and I brought home an all white male kitten and named him Alexander. Mom took him to be her cat and moved him in with her. He was adapting quite well and he and Jasper were getting to know each other.

Nine days later, I was stressing over our van and whether it would be repaired in time for us to attend to the business of running the Gem & Mineral show. While waiting for the mechanic to call, I noticed Alexander was in his litter pan, crying, but leaving nothing in the litter. I picked him up and noticed the back of his legs were messy. I turned him over and saw his little penis was red and swollen, sticking out of its sheath. Luckily my sister was home and she took him and Mom to the vets.

The next morning the vet called and said the poor guy had a bladder full of stones too big to pass and he was too small to catheterize. He said that Alexander was too young to have to live with this condition - hard enough to treat in adult males. He recommended he be put to sleep. Mom and I stopped by the vets and gave consent. But first we said goodbye. They brought him out and we pet him and rubbed his head - he loved that. I think we cried for a solid half hour saying goodbye.

It's been almost 2 months and I still cry over him having to leave at such a young age. I'm crying as I type this. Originally the bad news was relayed by Amie/Emma's Friend as I was too busy with the Gem Show. I want to thank her for taking part of her time to make that post.

You were here such a short time, little one, but you left some mighty deep footprints in a couple of hearts.
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I had tears in my eyes as I read your post -- my heart goes out to you and your mom. I know it was a hard decision, but you made the right one
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RIP sweet Alexander you were so loved by so many

play happily & healthly at the RB
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Dear Jan, I remember this post and Alexander well. You did the right thing. Hugs to you, I know how hard it was, I am trying to get my courage up to re-post Butch's tribute. I hope they are playing together at the rainbow bridge right now.
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Little Alexander is happy and healthy now You did the right thing as hard as it may seem. The precious little guy is being well taken care of up there I'm sure, while he waits for you and your Mom
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I remember little alexander and the heart break you all went through at letting him go. You know you did the right thing although it is hard to come to terms losing one so young.
He is happy and healthy now, playing in the sunshine bring joy to others
take care
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Oh dear Jan my heart with you!,, you know it, I´m so sure the little one is running in the raibow so happy now playing with another furfriends!!!
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