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Hi Admins and Mods,

I do know what it's like to run a site like this (I run one of my own, though not related to pets in any way), so I know the time, energy and dedication it takes. I do want to commend you for doing a great job.

The problem I wanted to report is with the banner ads.

Now I completely understand the need for these, as they often provide the necessary funding to keep the site alive. It's not the ads themselves that are bothersome... and bothersome isn't even the problem

It's a technical issue for me (and maybe for some others). I run SpyBot S&D which blocks spyware. I am not willing to allow spyware from any company, as this is a safety and security issue for my computer. Some of your banners seem to have spyware attached, and because of that, it gets blocked on my computer. That's a good thing -- blocking is working.

Bad thing is, because it blocks the spyware, it blocks anything below it, so when the spyware comes up with the associated banner (it's not on all your banners) it blocks the rest of the content on the page. I've included a screenshot below.

This occurs with the latest release of Spybot S&D and with the latest IE browser. The offending spyware companies are Double Click an Avenue A.

I don't know if this is something you can fix, or if it's concerning enough to address, but I thought I'd let you know. It can get a little frustrating when several banners in a row rotate that have the spyware and I cannot see anything on the page. I am patient enough to get around it (usually hitting "refresh" until a banner without associated spyware comes up), but I would hate to see you lose any traffic because it's a frustrating encounter, or because unknowingly, they assume your site isn't working properly.

Again, thanks for the great work you do. Please do take my criticism as only trying to be helpful.