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eating too fast?

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Hail all.

My cat on occasion eats too fast and promptly throws it up. Its not that she's sick, as it happens only about once or twice a month, but I am curious about my diagnosis.

She's fed regularly twice a day, plus whatever she can scrounge from her humans, so she isn't starving.

Is it just eating too fast that causes this, or might this require a trip to the vet?

Thanks in advance,
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Hellohah Coffeepaw, just thought I'd let you know that one of my cats (the fat greedy one Bod, Mummys baby) often does that!! - For some bizarre reason he scarfs his food down sooo quickly (like he's mal-nourished or something! yeah righ the pork ball!)that within about 5-10 mins he has barfed the lot back up!! gross!! When he eats normally he's fine - so I guess it is just a case of eating too quickly!!
However, if it becomes regular I would advise a trip to the vet, you never know what might be going on inside!!

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We also have a piggy-pants cat who scarfs from time to time, and hurls it all back up right afterwards. I asked the vet about this, and she told me this general rule for vomiting:

If a cat throws up once and stops, it's OK. If twice in less than 10 minutes, start looking around for something that may have caused it (a spill of people food, or prey for an outdoor cat) and keep a close eye on the cat. If three times in less than 15 minutes, go to the vet.

I can't even give her some types of treats because she doesn't chew them at all, just wolfs them, and those always end up back on the carpet.

I don't know why she eats like that sometimes. Cats are weird...

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Ha ha JulieB, you did make me laugh!! I just thought about my Bod when you said about the treats ending up back on the carpet!! - He does that too and when they're back on the carpet - they still look brand new!!! You'd never know he just barfed them back up if you didn't see it with your own eyes!! :laughing:
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