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check out the new hair!!!

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Well... if you read the "fact of the week" thread... you know that i have dyed my hair.... and, its totally diff...

here is an old pic of me....

and here's the new pic.. hehe, i look pale bcuz of the flash.. soo... im really tan acutally... like the pic when i had blonde hair, actually, i wasnt too tan there.. im tanner(if thats a word..lol)
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I like it!! i bet your eyes look soo blue!
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Either way you are still very pretty
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I like it too, maybe add some highlights around your face, (just a thought)
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my eyes change from green, to blue.. all the time... now since my hair is dark.. they have been BRIGHT GREEN actually.. i was hoping to get the blue to come out.. but it didnt...

highlites were out of the question when i got it done.. too much $$.. maybe in a month or so.. if i still think i need them..

thanks for the comments..
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by the way, im a natural blonde.. never had dark hair in my life... and, it was a total shocker to me to do this.. but i love it!!! just hope the roots grow back close to this color.. and not blonde!!!

still a blonde at heart though... and.... act like one all the time!!
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well i have natural very dark brown/black hair and i would love for it to be a shade or two lighter but because its so dark i can never get it coloured! unless i colour it blonde.. i did once it didnt really suit me... then I tried peroxiding my whole hair with it and it turned out orange!!
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I like them both! I'd look like such a dork in blond hair but I always wanted blond hair. My sis is a natural blond
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It's a beautiful, rich color. Looks good!
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here is another pic... its from about 10 min. ago!

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I love it!

I want to do the same with my hair, but I am waiting till the semester is done. I want to get some different colored highlights like blond, red and that burgundy to go with it. The last time I had my hair lightened a bit it turned orange and pink so Im a bit nervous.
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check out these eyes...

turtlecat- i think they look blue there... maybe they are going to try to be blue now.. who knows!!
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They're a beautifully tourqouise.. lovely
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You hair looks great I really like it.

My daughter puts her own high lights in she just uses a blond die and tooth brush it works really well and dose not cost much at all.

Green eyes you are so lucky I would love to have green eyes mine are brown

My hubby hubby knows his number is up if I ever find a Scottish man with red hair and green eyes lol
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I really like your new colour!

I have kind of the same story I am a natural blond with and touch of red (or chestnut), and at one point in my life (kinda long story, includes a sick abusive ex-boyfriend, very bad brake up, all self esteem gone, end of the road-below the bottom feeling and an up to date in her field hairdresser) I had my below waist long blond hair "cut off" (still have the braid somethere), and many hours later came out wich really chestnut colour hair with 3 different highlights and a gorgous sixties haircut.
I honestly had to re-itroduce myself to my friends and coworkers, since I was unrecognizeable! Maybe I should post a photo from before and after
Anyway, after having sunbathed with lemon juice and cooked bubarb root in my hair for natural highlights, I suddenly wasnt blond anymore, and having brown/hazel/greenish eyes, my "new" colour is so much more MY colour than my own colour! Now I cant imagine myself blond, and besides, sometimes I get my own colour in between, and it has changed, it is not all that blond anymore, its more like the colour I dye it (or I dont have a full dye, I think it´s calles a rinse) is more like sharpening my own colour, but I guess if I gave it time and got blond highlights it would be blond as it used to be.
Boy, am I getting really confusing? I am just trying to say, I like myself better with darker hair than blond, and I would never have believed that, when I was blond.

I usually get just a few highlights over a dye or a rinse, just to get more "life" in the haircolour. Having just a few highlights is nothing nearly as expensice as a full highlights, but really does a great deal.
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You guys are braver than I am - changing your hair color. The pictures look great. Maybe I'll get brave one day and try and change what my hair dresser calls my "character" hairs (the grey ones!).
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Ooh, I love your new hair! It looks terrific on you!
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That's me dyed.
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
You guys are braver than I am - changing your hair color. The pictures look great. Maybe I'll get brave one day and try and change what my hair dresser calls my "character" hairs (the grey ones!).
I agree, it takes courage to completely change ones hair, or as it was in my case, beeing at the end of the road Beeing at a point where I just was not possible to be "me" anymore, I was pushed into beeing someone else - the new me If it hadn´t been for all that had been going on, I would never have done this.
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Hey I like it too I did the same thing this week I went from blonde to a brown. So far I like it but kind of miss my blonde too...Oh well can't have it all.
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I think you look really nice with the darker hair. I was platinum for a year or two and now back to my regular brunette. It's fun!
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What color is that? I like it
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I did the same thing about a month ago too.
I usually go lighter in the summer and med. brownish when it starts into winter. I bought one of those L'Oreal Colour Expert things where you color and then add highlights with a little brush. It's pretty easy to do.
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i like the new hair doooooooooooo its cuteeeeeee
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blonde hair and green eyes is unusual and considered one of the great beauty combinations. I had that until a few years ago when my hair started to go darker. But I've also colored my hair so many different colors. You can't see it real well here, but the stuff that looks blonde is actually grey now:

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i guess that i was gifted w/ that beauty... the blonde hair.. green eyes.. everyone has always told me that i looked "unique" i just thought they were. haha, saying i was differnet. in a bad way! ooh well

thank you everyone for the awesome comments!
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I like it
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What a big change for you! Looks great!
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It looks great either way!

I haven't dyed my hair in a year or so, I last did purple highlights for myself and Mum!! :bighthumb: (her friends weren't keen!! )

I love messing with my hair, but at the moment, I am limited, as I am growing out my 'Business Card Cut'!!
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It's a deep red, I think it's called claret, orsomething with really thin lowlights in a deer garnet.. I had it done.
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