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Well I start the ringworm treatments tonite.

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Well I have the bottle of liquid gold-my husband doesn't know the "real" cost as I paid some of the bill in cash and the rest on my visa card. Been surfing websites for the best way to clean my house. I'll buy more bleach and lots of vaccuum cleaner bags. I think I'll stick to just one of my vaccum cleaners so I don't go thru so many bags. I have a sanitize cycle on my washing machine I don't know if thats overkill as my hot water heater is set at 130 degrees. I don't know what to do about the litter boxes as I saw nothing about them. I had some rooms closed off since we got baker but I'll bleach/vaccumm anyway. I'm just worried (maybe unduly so) that these spores are just overtaking my house. Bobber & Ox each have bare patch above their eye for at least 10 days but nothing else. Grizzly has no signs at all. I've been putting lamasil on Bobber's spot Ox doesn't like head touched much. Neil and I don't have any new spots. Neither does my mom (she only had two). But with my sister and parents coming on 12/24 I want to cut down there risk of contamination as much as possible.
If anyone has genuine experience with this please provide me with any cleaning tips.
I'll let everyone know how this goes as I'm kinda stressed about the whole thing (maybe a glass or 2 of wine for me!!)
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well i never cleaned house when my 2 had RW(ring worm). All i had to worry about is the 52-60 odd RW's i had gotten from them all at once. I tossed the cream my doc gave me to use for my self and just placed bleach, not deluted, right on my RW. The cats well. Did a old remedy that worked awsom for me.

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I didn't go into overkill cleaning my house either. Just did the usual cleaning and vacuuming. Only two of the 9 cats that were exposed in my house ever developed ringworm and neither my bf, daughter, or myself ever did. We just bathed Astro in the lime sulphur dip and gave Starla oral meds (grifulvin, I think). We got rid of the ringworm about a month ago and since then we've added three new cats to the house, one being a 8 week old kitten and no new outbreaks. I never bleached anything, shampooed the carpet or anything like that. Maybe we were just really lucky.

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Well maybe I'll not be so overzealous on cleaning. I'll still bleach and do a bunch of loads of laundry. But I will step up my cleaning routine and ban them from a couple more rooms until 12/23.
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