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I was thinking about bringing in a few poinsettas today, but before I do, I wanted to know if they were poisonous. I will NOT jeapordize my fuzzbutts if it's even possible that these plants could be harmful. I just wanted some Christmas stuff in, and don't want a tree. I thought I'd check with you to see if this was an acceptable thing for the wee kitties.

Thanks in advance-

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They are not poisonous to cats. Use this as a reference www:catscans.com/plants.htm or do search Toxic plants for cats
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Originally Posted by GailC
They are not poisonous to cats. Use this as a reference www:catscans.com/plants.htm or do search Toxic plants for cats
Gail, that's a great resource! Thanks!!

I'll get a few poinsettas today, then.

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I always thought poinsettas were poisonous. They're listed on CFA as poinsonous but it says low toxicity next to them.

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They are poisonous...the about.com article actually does list them as being so...on one site, they are described as "low toxicity", and in this article on about.com partial list of plants poisonous for cats it describes the reaction (same as for mistletoe)...part of which includes "difficulty breathing, vomitting..." if the berries are eaten.

I'd not take the risk.
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I had a cat chew on a leaf one year, and the next minute was vomiting badly. We rushed her to the vet, where they treated her and reassured us that although not poison these plants will cause digestive upset-
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Maybe you could go with a nice looking silk poinsetta plant instead. We have some and they practically look real. I didn't even get a real Christmas tree because I worry to much about Dori getting sick.
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I did a floristry course last year and was told that pointsettias are toxic. I was surprised at just how many housesplants and cut flowers are harmful. I'm pretty paranoid about which plants/flowers I have around now, before last year I never gave it a thought.
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I boy fake plants that look real because they are easier to maintain
But i have no idea what poisonettas are. i will look it up now
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Our last cat, Eby, ate some of our pointsetta the first X-mas we had her... She threw up ten minutes later and for the next 8 X-mases she would circle the pointsettas like they were going to bite her (she passed away in June).... As for the rest of the houseplants, they didn't hurt her, and they ended up as lunch.

As for my new boys, I'm not going to risk it. The Little One repeatedly burns himself on hot pans if we don't watch him when we're cooking. I doubt he'd learn his lesson if he got sick eating a plant.
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I was told by my vet they were and could kill so I avoid them at all cost. Maybe some silk ones would be nice but I have no clue where to find those.
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I have no idea why I scrolled down to this thread again...but I'm glad I did.

The "poisonettas" will come with me to the office tomorrow, as I had already purchased two small ones. The cats have ignored them completely, but I don't want to take a chance.


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