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Just the Shady Lady

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I think this pic is really cute... LOL

She really did have more fun with the box... It was Myth's gift anyway

Bet you wouldn't believe I have thousands more pics of her, Merri, Pippin, MyRage, Myth, and Mystyc... LOL LOL
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LOL it's always the way.
hey.. I didn't know she was a bobtail?
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
LOL it's always the way.
hey.. I didn't know she was a bobtail?
Really? OMG that's why we fell for her, was her... um... disablity her balance is horrible, she won't do flips like her siblings do. She clumsily jumps and grabs with her paws. Her siblings have more grace.

When the lady put her and her siblings into the carrier with MyRage for the first time, I thought I didn't see a tail on her. I didn't have a chance to check for another hour after that since we left Rage with the kittens.

I took all the babies out of the carrier once we got home, and ... No tail on the black one. I wanted to keep her cuz of it. I just didn't want her being discriminated against, or teased because of her... um... birth defect

We don't tell her that her tail isnt the same as everyone else's. Shhh... don't tell her either. She thinks that she is... normal. We don't want to give her anything to be selfconsious of... she is aftter all.... 6mo old, and at a time in her life when her body is changing, and she's becoming a... womancat? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

I do wonder if she notices the difference in her tail compaired to our other three girls. I think kittens look funny with tails after having her. LOL
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Well I'm not sure you ever got a kitten pic from behind, lol. What a sweetiy, I think it's adorable, so nanner nanner nanner on any one that teases her.
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Aw I like her little tail. She's such an all around cutie to begin with though. That would be interesting to know - if a cat with no tail, or a little tail notices and wonders about cats with longer tails. Wonder if polydactal kitties wonder about kitties with less toes than them...

Nah I bet they don't. Anyway, your kitty is cute!
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Lady nyghtshade has the coolest eyes...lol...they look like my doofus'
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Aww I love her tail, she is so cute. I love all the pics, thanks for sharing.
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thoses are cut pictures i like the toy too
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very cute...she is American Bobtail?
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As far as I know she might be part manx, she might be part something else... I'm honestly not sure what she is part, but she's all cute and sweet. Here are some pics of her brother and sister.

I love their coloring, they are more spotted then striped. I think they might have some cool breeds in there, just so mixed up... LOL

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Awwwwe Miss Shady Lady is soooo pretty!
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These are great, Tia, thank you! Sure have missed pics of your precious babies! This is my favorite of Nyght, she has the cutest look on her face!

This is so sweet!
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great photos Tia - and I also have missed seeing photos of your family
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