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Todays radio question: 12/09/04

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Did your parents sit you down for the "sex" talk, or did you learn about it somewhere else?
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I taught myself. Like i did everything else
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no my mum and dad didnt.. My dad is too catholic for that and i could never talk about sex to my parents, i dont even now.
I learnt by my self and by tv and magazines...
Dont get the wrong impression of me by saying that lol!
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Never!. We had sex education at school, but we used to hear the girls in our class talk because they used to sleep around.
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both of my parents are very religious and they always answered my questions with trips to confession for me having impure thoughts. Whenever I asked anything mom especially would clam up and say 'That is PERSONAL' and say three hail mary's. Believe me parents avoidance is NOT the way to go..
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Ooooooooh it was sooooooo embarassing!! I started my "Cycle" very young so my mom sat down and told me what was goin on and what to expect. Well, she's very modest and NEVER talked about anything dealing with sex and we never saw my parents naked.....no accidents! Anyway, I remember she told me that when some women start their "cycle" they choose not to go swimming or bathe.....they perfer to shower. Now, i'm only about 9 yrs old and thinking that I can NEVER go swimming or soak in a tub again!!

The entire conversation was misleading b/c she was trying to give me facts without laying it all on the line. Very uncomfortable!!
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I learnt everything from friends, when it came for my mum to sit me down for that akward talk (and I remember she looked so embarressed) I said " it's ok mum, I know it all" I'm not sure who was more relieved!

I did sit my own daughter down for that talk though, and it wasn't akward.
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what a question!....

Last one......
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I had to look for your reaction Rigel!
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Hey, When My mum came to tell me about it I was getting married, soooo..
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
Hey, When My mum came to tell me about it I was getting married, soooo..

That's awesome!

My parents, if I remember correctly, just bought a bunch of books and kept sending us to sex ed classes. There was one in 5th grade, one in 6th grade, and I think a few more I went to through the Catholic church we were attending. By the end, I could've taught the classes myself!

The sad thing is that I had a fellow friend who went through all of them with me - apparently her mom didn't want to talk to her about it either!
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Did my mum sit me down? Nooooooooooo. She started late and thought I would too, so procrastinated about a talk she was completely uncomfortable about having -- poor dear. When her hand was forced by Mother Nature, she became a fine supply of books and pamphlets, but we never talked.
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
what a question!....

Last one......

Love your answer Rigel!!
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I just had to reply to this! Nope I learnt about it from friends.
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