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Meet my family .... again

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Hi all !! I can't believe my 400+ posts are all gone and I'm a newbie again
I'm sure I had some profound posts that are gone forever

I have 4 female cats, 2 female dogs and 1 male dog (2 if you count my husband).

Sparkles is my oldest girl and she is 6. She is also our largest cat, tipping the scales at about 14 pounds. She is also the sweetest most affectionate DSH tabby. She loves to sit with mommy or daddy and rub her face against yours. She also likes a kiss or two on the nose. If you make a kissing sound she will stretch out her nose to you. She purrs away and sometimes drools with contentment. She doesn't particularly care for the dogs as they like to chase her.

Princess is our 2nd oldest at 5. She is a bit of a fraidy cat but the dogs are terrified of her. She becomes quite the spitfire if a dog invades her territory. She loves to race out from under the bed hissing and spitting at an unsuspecting dog. Mind you, she weighs maybe 7 pounds soaking wet and the dogs are probably 80 pounds each. She also tends to swat the other cats if they get too close. Princess had a rough start as a kitten. She broke both rear legs (at the same time!) due to a nutritional deficiency that stripped all of the calcium from her bones. After surgery to insert pins she spent some time in soft casts and healed just fine. Today she runs and jumps with the best of them ! She is truly our miracle cat.

Pooh and Tigger round out the crew. They are 3 year old sisters. Pooh is all grey and has beautiful green eyes. She is my only "kneader" although Princess recently started occasional kneading. Pooh loves to knead mommy's tummy or any soft blanket that she can find. She and Tigger love to play and often romp on mommy's bed in the morning. Tigger has tabby coloring and looks remarkably like a tiny version of Sparkles. My nickname for Tigger is "my little peanut" because she is very tiny. She still looks like a kitten !! She loves to sleep on mommy at night. She often finds herself being scolded because she thinks the water fountain is her personal waterpark. Mommy is tired of mopping up gallons of water that spill out onto the floor.

The dogs are Keno, Blackjack and Hailey. Keno and Blackjack are 2 and Hailey is 1. Keno is a lab/hound mix and looks like a deer sometimes with her long skinny legs and ginger coloring. She is very hyper and loves to play with her ball or gnaw on a rawhide. Blackjack is a lab/chow mix and he is all black. He's a nice calm boy and sometimes I wish I had three of him ! Hailey is a lab/terrier mix and she is mostly black. She is a sweet girl but very high maintenance and hyper. She and Keno play almost non-stop so they are a good pair. All of our dogs were abandoned as puppies. Blackjack was actually found in a dumpster. Hailey was abandoned and then returned to the shelter twice because she was so hyper. They were about to euthanize her so it's good that we took her in. She has quite a ferocious growl and her bark makes her sound like a 200 pound monster .. but she is actually our smallest dog !! Go figure !

Well, that's my little pet family. All are very loved and very spoiled !!

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary ... today I don't have to come up with an excuse for eating out !!!
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Hi Welcome to TCS!!!!!! (again!!!!! )
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Congrats on the anniversary and glad to have you back!
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Hi and welcome back to the site.
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Welcome back!
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and a welcome back to you too
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so glad you joined again and I must admit I missed your introductions the first time. What a family it sounds like you have thanks for such a great descriptions on them - feels like I know them already

looking forward to getting to know you & your family better....
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Hi, so glad you and your family have returned!Your babies are so precious!Happy Anniversary!
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Welcome back!!
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