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I love any cat that needs a home and a little pet - no favorite breed.
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Basil does have a split personality. He's either the biggest mushface you ever saw. Drooling, purring and pawing, running meowing to greet me when I get home. Or he's an absolute terror, attacking legs, ambushing from the chairs under the table.

He has pink paw pads (loves to have his feet tickled). He does though, have an underlying striping through his coat, that can only be seen at certain angles. He also has a kink at the end of his tail. It's weird, when I stroke another cat, even Tasha, the smooth tail feels strange to me. :laughing:
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Sunlion, a Chausie is a relatively new breed - very similar to the Bengal, they breed a Bengal and a jungle cat together to get a Chausie, (then a chausie to a Bengal....to get a better Chausie) they are very large cats, and at the moment most of them are sterile, I think Tigger knows more about them than I do - she knows some breeders I think, I'll see if I can find a URL for you to take a look at - they are gorgeous cats!!
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Here ya go Sunlion, scroll down the page to see loads of pictures.....http://pw2.netcom.com/~jondana/chausie.html

Enjoy!! Look at the size of 'em!!

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I am very curious about the Savannah breed. The cats are $3000-5000! They are supposed to be an African wildcat bred with a domestic. Sort of like a Bengal.
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Sounds cool Nitecrwlr....got any URL's or pics? If not I'll just have to surf the web.....what a shame seeing as Im at work.....hee hee
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Wow! Those are some huge cats! About 3 times the weight of most of the ones I've owned (6 to 10 lbs on average for me). They don't looks so big in their portraits, but when you see them with people it gives you a sense of perspective. They're bigger than dogs I've known! (sis-in-law likes chihuahuas, Nana kept a maltese) What on earth do you feed them? They must have huge appetites. Are they pretty friendly? You wouldn't want anything that big to have a bad temper. They look like small bobcats or even cheetahs. I'm pretty impressed.
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Cool eh? I guess you'd feed them a rabbit or two...ha ha ha ONLY JOKING!!!! :laughing: I think they are pretty friendly, but the F1's and F2's obviously are more closely related to the wild cats....but as far as I know they haven't had any problems with temperments!! - In fact I heard they are pretty soppy!! Cute eh? Can you imagine going to the vets and opening your cat carrier...and one of those bursting out!! ha ha ha.... (mind you, it would have to be a pretty big cat carrier!!)
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Why stop at ONE???? Why don't you get yourself TWO of these Chausies and take them to the vet? It might be kind of fun to see the vet's reaction :paranoid3: when they BOTH come bursting out of their carriers!!
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Ha ha..... I would love two but there are no breeders in the UK!!! ...snif..... Oh well, one day!! (you never know, I mught become the first breeder here and take a whole litter to the vets!!)
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If there aren't any breeders in the UK you will have to come to the U.S. to buy your first pair. Hopefully there wouldn't be anymore hijackings.
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Hopefully LorieD (the hijackings I mean..)!! I'll have to be pretty darn rich before I get a breeding pair!! I looked into having some Munchkins shipped to me from the US but they would have to go into quarentine and that costs MEGA MONEY here!! Ah well, one day when Im filthy rich.... :LOL:
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gotta say that I don't think I have one, but I think Bengals are absolutely gorgeous.
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I grew up with a wonderful persians so this will always remain my favorite breed... so sweet and giving. Anyway, I think I will breed Exotics since their fur is easier to groom and their body structure more apparent.
Two months ago I bought my first Scottish Fold and I have to admit that she's extraordinary, and acts in the most funny way! Seems like she has springs under her feet and a birdie in her throat.
I'd love to have a cream Selkirk Rex! They remind me of an old teddy bear I used to have.
I love all big, round cats.

Of course there are no ugly cats. I really think cats are superior beings.

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The Savannah breed is a fairly new breed, too. They take an African Serval & breed it with a Bengal. The kitten = the Savannah! There are also African Serval hybirds out there, too. There are 2 breeders that I know of who are going to be starting the Savannah breed in their cattery. F1 & F2's, from what I have been told from a local breeder of Bengals, are much more exotic looking and extremely loyal to their owners! I have read about how they have bad litterbox habits, but I think it really depends on how they are raised by the breeder. The one breeder I almost got an F2 female bengal from, she bottle fed it because the mother wasnt too great at it.
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I like scottish folds - any kind as long as they've got those cute little ears! heh heh
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Mmmmm , No fair, I love all kitties Have not met one, I haven't liked as yet , I like this one and this one ooooh oooh and this one can't forget this one and him and her oh and U2 and this one I just love them all..As for one breed it would have to be Burmese, they are such Bossy-boots.

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Hmmmmmm...I like soooo many different breeds...but here are my favorites!

In no Certain Order:

African Serval
Canadian Lynx...Not like I'll every get one of the last 4!
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I just llluurrvvveee all cats especially the ones that love cuddles. Although I would have to say that my fav ones are Persians otherwise if I dont say that my 2 may get a bit mad at me
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Because I could have sworn this said "What is your favorite bread?" Going to get my eyes checked now . . .
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