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What is your favorite breed?

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At my house, the type of cat we like best is the Siamese-mix . So far we have owned three cats of this type. All three have been valued family members . These cats have all been so graceful and elegant, and they have had such affectionate personalities.
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I love all breeds but my heart belongs to abys and oriental shorthairs. I'm sure that I'll have another breed but when and what I'm not sure of. One thing is for sure, I'll always have a HHP (actually more than one) -- a Heinz 57.

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Ooooo My list would go on forever!!! My most favorites are, Birmans - cos they are just soooooo soppy and friendly and extremely cuddley!! My next equal favorites are Munchkins (but alas there are no breeders in the UK ) and Scottish Folds beause they just look soooo cute with their fat little round heads!! I also LOVE Turkish Vans, Balinese and Javanese - they look so elegant, and , and, ok, lets face it, I just LOVE ALL CATS!!! I especially love the rescue moggies!! - they are always so gratefull!!

Ps, Norweigen Forest cats, and Occicats, and Bengals, and Snowshoes, and British blues, and Tiffanies, and Somalis, and Turkish Angoras, and Singapuras....and and..... Ooops there I go again!! :laughing:
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BodLover----You have so much enthusiasm!!! : I'm sure any cat that has you for an owner is very lucky!!!!
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Thanks Lorie D!! I need more cats, more more more!! :laughing:
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I have 3 Siamese cats so I guess that is my favorite breed.
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What, pick only one favorite breed?

I must be honest, my favorite breed is the one belonging to whatever cat is sitting on my lap!
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Lets see, I have had many breeds & different favorites at different times. Soooooooooo right now number 1 would be my Cornish Rex, their big ears & such expressive eyes make them so cute. And second would be my Siamese, I have always owned at least 2 Siamese together with other breeds, they are a good all time favorite.
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Munchkins.... Munchkins..... And Munchkins..
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Ken -- and you want an aby?

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I love all cats, too. But I have a special place for Abbys, Bengals, Ocicats & La Perms (should be orange ) in my heart
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To say that I have a favorite wouldn't be fair cause I love them all

But, this guy got a huge salute from me today and hope gets you know who packin'!

His caption reads: Bin Ladin, don't even think
about it; I'll scratch your eyes out and use you
for kittylitter... (something like that)

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I'm very fond of the Bengals!! Gee, I wonder why? They have such excellent temperments. I have never been around other purebreds. I keep trying to joke with my husband about getting another bengal........ a marble female, this time! I'd love to have more bengals in my house! Fluffy & Cinnnamon, our 2 other domestic cats are just getting to the point now where they starting tolerate the bengals, which I am happy to announce!! I think it would be cool also to own a sphynx (sp?) cat..... I have heard they have quite the personality!
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My fav cat is all of them! but my fav Purebreed is an abby!
cat, I love that pic! that is too cute!:tounge2:
I wish i could have more cats, but four is my limit, the "man" says we have to many now! old poop! but I just smile and say suuuuuurrrrrreeeee honey, whatever you say :angel2:
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I love burmese and abbys but... I have never had any of these. I have decided that I would only have needy cats, so my 3 cats are all street rescues....

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I love all cats and have never owned a pedigree. I kinda like the lookd of the larger cats like the Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and the Siberian. I also like Somalis.
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Munchkins are my Fav, although I love ALL of our kitties (each one is the bestest ya know) Aby's are just so, so, huggable..


'Course ya'll know that whilst I write this there are 2 adorable 6 week old munchkin male bbies playing at my feet..
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Ooooh Ken, gimme one!!
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I don't really have a favorite breed. I like them all!!
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I guess my favorite is Siamese but have always wished I could have a Havanna Brown. Think they are gorgeous!!!! :laughing:

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The only breeds I am very familiar with are siamese, persians, rexes, hymalayans, and domestic shorthairs(is that a breed). I am still learning. most of the cats look the same. I just love all cats.
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Wow! The Abys seem to be very popular. I have to say Abys first, then Siamese. I owned a few Siamese and now have my first Aby. He's absolutely crazy!! But he's so funny to have around, even though he gets into trouble almost every day! I think I like the Abys because they're not as clingy as the Siamese, but they're soooo affectionate, and they hardly shed! Of course, I love my black cat too!!
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I love Devon Rex. I haven't had one, but I love that pixie face. I like Russian Blues (Basil is a mix and my family had a purebred when I was a teenager so I can tell you, mix SCHMIX!...obviously the temperament gene is a dominant one! )

I love solid orientals. No offense to siamese owners, I love siamese, I just think the solid colours are striking. Maine Coons, once again, I haven't ever had one but they just seem to emmanate character, don't you think? And Bengals, I think there is no need for an explanation on that one!

I have a deal with myself, though. I always want to have at least two cats, so for every one of my favourites that I get, I am going to have a pound kitty as well. That way I won't feel guilty for indulging myself.

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I love the look of the British Shorthair cats with their "cobby" body type, big orange eyes and dense smoke-colored fur. I don't really know anything about their temperaments, though, as I've never seen one out of a cage. My domestic shorthair is a real sweetheart.
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Originally posted by jugen
I wish i could have more cats, but four is my limit, the "man" says we have to many now! old poop! but I just smile and say suuuuuurrrrrreeeee honey, whatever you say :angel2:
Jugen, I try to tell my husband, too! I would really like to get 1 more bengal... a marble female! But. nooooooooo!

The Cornish Rexes are very cute, as well as the abbys! Maybe someday I can own an abby or even a chaussie. Abby's and chaussie resemble the bengal in so many ways, just w/o the stripes and spots! :LOL:
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Oooooh Tigger - I LOVE chausies!!!!!! They are sooo gorgeous and soooo big!! I would love to have one of them and a teeeny weeeny Munchkin - I think they would make a stunning pair!! - especially if I walked them on a lead (leash) together!! hee hee
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It's kind of interesting about the chausies: Right after I had gotten Scooter, a bengal breeder, whom I almost bought an F3 bengal kitten from, emailed me asking me if I wanted a free F2 male chausie!
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Woweee!! I wish someone would offer me a free kitty!!!! (any kitty would do! ha ha) but a Chausie!? wow!! - did you see the parents? were they huge?.....oooo that is sooo cool...Im jealous!!:tounge2:

I heard that a few of them are sterile, is this true?
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I also have a Russian Blue mix (she looks just like one but has grey pawpads instead of pink) and the vet says she definitely has their the temperament. I just love her so much so I would have to say they are my favorite. Does yours have split personalities. Mine sure does and the best way to describe it is Jeckel & Hyde. She is so sweet and friendly when she is home or outside (she only goes outside with my supervision) or in the car but as soon as you walk into the vets office she turns into Miss Nasty Cat! She doesn't even want me to come near her!
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I'm so out of the loop . . . What's a chaussie? Is that a chartreuse?
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