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Questions on poisoning.

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I need some help. One of my friends has had a second cat die in less than a month of pretty much the same symptoms. Frothing at the mouth, growling when being petted, tail and body twitching and then a hour or so later, cat is dead.

I suspect that one of my friends neighbors is using antifreeze to kill off the cats that are running around my friends house. One of the cats killed was a stray, but the other one was Kallie Nelson, one of my friends most loved babies.

If anyone has any ideas or can tell me more symptoms of antifreeze poisoning, I would be very grateful. My friend and her boyfriend are going to call the Humane Society today and talk with them and see what they recommend.

Thank you for you help.
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Just saw this post today, so not sure how much information you've managed to obtain on your own. I found a couple of links that list the symptoms of antifreeze poisoning, which might be useful:


Poisoning animals is generally a crime in most areas. Your friend should consider filing a police report. Not much may come of it but if others are filing reports as well, it can help pinpoint a pattern or area of activity.

Good luck!
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You should definately contact a local vet and discuss the situation. A post mortem could be performed on one of the cats to confirm antifreeze toxicity. I don't want to be an alarmist but is it possible the cats could have had rabies?
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Thank you Dr. Doolittle for coming in. I honestly don't know. The symptoms were: having trouble breathing, weakness, frothing at the mouth. By the next day they were dead. Mr. Gray died over night and Callie died while her owner was at work. I have to admit, my friend does not think too much about vaccinations or other things. It just seems so weird that both cats had the same symptoms and didn't last more than about 12 hours. I keep trying to tell her that she should keep her babies inside but she feels that the cats should have the "right" to roam.
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