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Over grooming

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I was wondering if anyone can help.
One of my cats spends an unusual amount of time cleaning himself.
He looks very shiny coated and beautiful for it, but I am worried it is some way linked to his periodically upset stomach.
He's a rescue cat and we were told to make sure we fed him senior cat food - which we do. But periodically (about once a month) he'll go thru a day phase of bringing all his food back up - and most of the time it is well digested by the time he brings it back up.
Does anyone know what might be causing this? And whether the over grooming is linked?
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It's hard to say whether these things are linked or not. Is he bringing up hairballs or just food?
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just food, it's just odd cos he's not sick all the time, but it is something that happens once a month on going - maybe he's just not got the strongest stomach
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Have you taken him to the Vet for his vomiting?
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have you discussed this with your vet?

I just took my Tipsy to the vet yesterday who also said that he can tell that Tipsy overgrooms himself as the back part of his body the fur is broken and not as thick - he said it maybe caused from either fleas or stress.

I know this doesnt help with him being ill every now and then - but the over-grooming needs to be looked at as well I think

maybe give your vet a call and see what they say?
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