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Yaaay panic attacks

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Do any of you get panic attacks...I have had them since I hit puberty at 12...im 23 now......Anyhoo...sometimes there these little things that pass real quick and sometimes like tonight my heart feels like its gonna pund out of my chest...blah...I quit smoking pot cause one time while high i had one that was so bad i almost had to be rushed to the hospital....and I have quit caffine cause one time while in high school i took caffine pills, and did have to be rushed to the hospital, my throut closed up and everything.....since ive wuit the above too things i have had them less and less....but i still get them...I know a big part of it is that I am a wound up too tight hypocondriac...lol......
My doctor once perscribed me Zanax....bit i refuse to take it cause i have seen the affects of antidepressents on many people i know...Plus i am not depressed...actually im quite happy with my life........My boyfriend is absolutly wonderful...he fills my heart with joy everytime i look at him, and my three devils....err i mean angles (emmet mabby and doofus) make my life more interesting, but still i can't shake these attacks completely.......
Ive gotten into herbalism a bit...chamomile tea works wonders on an attack...i am convinced that there are more at home remedies that will work too i just have to find them........
Do any of you have the same problem??...or so any of you have any good remedies for me to try.....?...
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Dear Bridget, poor you (hugs). I have had the throat closing up before but I always though I was just stressing out...don't really have any advice though as I don't know enough about herbs or vitamins to make a suggestion. Good luck.
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Aw, I'm sorry you have those bad panic attacks! I've never had any that bad, though when I was in college I used to stress big time and kinda hyperventilate. As dumb as it sounds, my only advice to give you would be to remember to breathe... and that whatever is causing you to panic will eventually pass!
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I go through the samething exspecialy at work when i get busy i know i can do the job but i get theses panic attacks where i can't swallow and my chest starts to tighten about two months ago i thought i was dying i was in the cooler and couldn't swallow really scared me.Now when this happens i use a papper bags and breath into it
and i talk myself through this attack and take a deep breath and say your going to be ok rhonda take it easy this will pass

Here's something i put together when this attacks come up i notice they get worse certain times of the month and i think its cause of mother nature and i know this will pass
hang in there im with ya on this one

I thought at one time i was going crazy and i was going to end up in the hosiptal its really a scary feeling isn't?
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I used to get panic attacks before I quit practicing law. Mine were complicated by the fact that I have naturally low blood pressure and the weird thing about that is that things that make other people's blood pressure go UP suddenly--like stress--actually make my blood pressure go down suddenly. Very nasty feeling. I have a thing with caffeine too and I have to be really careful not to have too much. When I was having panic attacks regularly I had to almost cut out caffeine entirely, which is no easy task when you're working 12 hour days. Generally I find, though, that the fewer chemicals I have in my body, the better off I am. Oh and I also find that the less sleep I've gotten, the more prone I am to an attack.

Anyway, I was able to control the panic attacks somewhat with regular excercise and particularly yoga, which really helps to unwind your whole system. But I was only able to mostly get rid of them when I got rid of the cause--meaning leaving practice. Anyway, obviously as you realize, you can be happy with your life generally and still have panic attacks. Try to think about whether there might be something in particular that is making you tense. It could be though that since yours started at puberty, it is chemical and has something to do with hormone levels. Try to pay attention to when they happen--not only what is happening at that particular moment but also whether it is a similar time in your menstrual cycle (sorry--not to get too personal, but you'd be surprise how much of an affect that can have).
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hi bridget. i'm new here, and just happened to see this post of yours. i, too, have suffered from panic attacks on and off for years (i'm 48). they can be devastating, so i feel your pain! i've tried anti-depressants, which help, but i hate how they made me feel. what i've found helps me without side effects is exercise daily, no caffeine, deep (abdominal) breathing, and visualization of calm scenarios. depending upon why you are getting the attacks, perhaps some therapy would help. i've recently started 'exposure therapy' because my panic relates mostly to driving. there are many excellent books available, in particular one 'don't panic' by R. Reid Wilson, PhD. so, along with cats, i do a tremendous amount of research and reading about panic, too, haha. if you'd ever like to exchange private emails, let me know. i'd be happy to help in any way i can, if even with just support. best to you. barb
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Rosemary (about a tsp in a tea diffuser with some chamomile ) will help the chamomile, however it adds to the "this tea is not so good tasting..." feeling. Mint, also, is refreshing. Take a lavender baath, or dab some on your pulse points. Eat chocolate. hold a pencil between your teeth and count backwards from 100. hug a pillow to your chest as hard as you can. Go for a slow walk. Sit in the bathroom with either a favorite cd, or some classical playing. Lavender candles. Sensory Depriation (take a bath in a dark bathroom, and kep your ears below water). Meditate. Yoga. count your breaths.
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I do occasionally get panic attacks, and you're right, they're no fun at all. Sorry you're having to go through this. Usually I try to get through them by just doing some deep breathing and trying to stay calm, but that only works sometimes so I don't have any really great advice. I did want to say, since you mentioned not taking Xanax because you weren't depressed and you don't like the effects of anti-depressants, that Xanax is not an anti-depressant at all, it's an anti-anxiety drug, a benzodiazepine. You want to be very careful with it because benzodiazepines are very habit-forming, but if used in fairly low doses for a limited period of time, it's very useful for anxiety, which is what it's meant to treat. I hope you can find something that helps, I really wish I had better advice!
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While I don't get them my mom does. Dad has taken her to the hospital twice for these attacks. This fall my sister arranged to have my mom take some private tai chi and breathing lessons. She said that those have helped. I thing sometimes by mom is wound a little tight -I've tried to be a little more laid back (you should see my messy house). As I suffered with ulcer in my mid 20's (47 now) I took stress classes way back then and really try to have little things not bother me. I also take a little me time!!
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I have them too....

But, I'm on Paxil for them and It is a wonder!!! I have maybe one or two panic attacks a year and it's only when I either forget my meds or drink a TON of coffee. The side effects are no big deal for me. The only thing I've had is weight gain (but, to me, it's totally worth it).
When this began, I actually checked myself into the psych-ward because I was having suicidal thoughts (which is TOTALLY not me) and they locked me up for several days and forced me to deal with things....which I am so thankful for. I am not a bummed out person and have NEVER had this type of thought before; so it really scared me. Now, everytime I try to go off; or lower my dose too much, I think suicide; so, I'm guessing that I'll be medicated for life......which is fine with me.

Anyways.....enough about me......take good care of yourself and; most of all, please recognize if you need professional help. It saved my life!!!

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I have panic attacks when I start a new doctor. The reason they prescribe anti-depressants is that panic attacks seem to be caused by a similar chemical disorder that causes depression. You don't have to be depressed for them to work against the panic attacks. Personally, I took Zyprexa and found it worked wonders for me. Therapy and learning mind over matter tricks also helped me handle my panic attacks.
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Thank you guys...its good to see im not alone....Ill try the Rosemary..and mint..those are good ideas......if i come up with anymore ideas ill tell you guys about them too......
burmeseluver id love to have a chat with you sometime.........

RockinRhonda..i always feel crazy and that im gonna die...its an awful feeling....my only advice to that is you need to realize that your not going to die, and that your not crazy, and that there are tons of people out there just like you....easier said then done though....lol

and everyone ele thank you so much for the well wishes and advice...
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I too suffered from panick attacks. They started in my early twenties then about 3 years ago they became severe. I was out of work for a month and really thought I was going to die. I finally went to see my doctor and he put me on Zoloft. I have not had a severe panick attack since. I'm sorry you have to go through this.
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Originally Posted by dicknleah
I too suffered from panick attacks. They started in my early twenties then about 3 years ago they became severe. I was out of work for a month and really thought I was going to die. I finally went to see my doctor and he put me on Zoloft. I have not had a severe panick attack since. I'm sorry you have to go through this.
It's interesting to find that ALOT of people have these start in their mid-twenties.....another interesting thing is that alot of people have them stop in their mid-thirties. Here's hoping!!!

Also, I'm just wondering......do any of you guys also have Mitral-valve prolapse? It's a condition where one of the valves in your heart doesn't close properly when your heart beats. Apparently, there is a very common link between mitral-valve prolapse and panic attacks. My doctor didn't find it for a while because she wasn't listening to my heart beat long enough. It doesn't necessarily happen every time your heart beats.

Something to think about and maybe have checked out.

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