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Really bad looking eye infection :(

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Big Kitty has had an eye infection since last Thursday.

Very red inflamed and puffy conjunctiva, excessive tearing.

It started getting really bad on Friday and I took him to the vet. They said the had a corneal scratch and gave me some Gentamicin. I was told it would clear up in a few days. Well, over the weekend it got worse, plus he got the same symptoms Little Kitty had... seemed to be Chlamydia. His other eye started to tear up too.

On Monday I called about it and they gave me some Tetracycline and said to give it to him twice a day. I've been giving it to him 4 times a day. On Tuesday he seemed miserable so I called again and they told me to pick up some Clavamox(I had already started giving him some of Little Kitty's leftover Clavamox).

His cold symptoms are toning down a bit, but his eye still does not appear to be getting better. The tearing is not as bad, but it is still very red and looks awful and messy. The edges of the third eyelid almost look 'clear'. His other eye has since stopped tearing, but does appear to be a little red on his third eyelid.

What is going on?
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Was this a shelter kitty?
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Big Kitty came from a pet store that adopts out peoples kittens at cost. He and his littermates contracted Panleukopenia at around 8 weeks old. I adopted him at 13 weeks old. They all died, he lived. Despite some diet related diarrhea issues, he had been doing great up until now. He's 6 months old now, and has grown up quite a bit. He's current on vaccincations. Since he got sick, he has been very lethargic, although today he has been moving around a bit more. He still has a good apetite and thirst.

Little Kitty was adopted 2 1/2 weeks ago from the Humane Society. He's about 12 weeks old now. He was sick until last Thursday, which is when Big Kitty started coming down with the same thing. He's doing fine now, and is very active. He is due his second vaccine set in a few days.
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I hope they get better soon!! I hate when furbabies are sick!
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I am so sorry your kitties are sick, I am sure they will get better soon!!! Good Luck and I hope they are happy and healthy soon!!!

Take Care,

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I've treated several cats for the years for eye infections. It always seems to take several days (I treat for 10 days) until much better even though after about 5 days they look better. If you are putting stuff in the eyes I think some of it comes back out. I use a clean wash washcloth to keep eye area clean.
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GailC: He is opening his eye wider, and squinting less, but the conjunctiva still looks rather nasty. Also, another thing I didn't mention is that the infection looked like it was spreading to his eyelids at the corners.
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all my cats have red inflammed eye tissue , watery eyes and slight sweling. ALL have it. Like the case of pink eye. I was told to use Visin natrual tears. vet didnt give me no meds. Looks like the same thing trish had. The green gunky junk. It never got that bad. I put warm rags on their eyes and Visin

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I would consult your vet again if the eyes are not getting better. Sometimes cats eyes can become infected with the herpes virus and this is much more difficult to treat than a bacterial infection.
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I don't kow if what your cat has is similar really, but one of my cats (Bianca) has had eye stuff often. Her eyes become watery and there is often brown drainage. I took her to one vet who said that he thought that it was due to allergies, another had her on anitbiotics... Finally, I found a vet whom I really like who has said that he thinks that her eye problems stem from her history as a feral cat. She was feral until I adopted her when she was four months old. He told me that it is common for feral kittens to have eye infections and suggested that I use a mineral found in health food stores called L-LYSINE. I've been using it (just mashing it up and mixing it into her food) and I do see a difference....

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Oh, I do hope your kitties begin to feel better soon.. I know how much it hurts to see any problems

I am experiencing something a little bit similar with Sky . I started giving him his eye meds as soon as I took him home from the shelter, after I brought him to my vet. That eye cleared up after a few days, but today I noticed him squinting his other eye He was a sheltered kitty, and I have heard that is common, however, I don't know why it would happen again in his other eye..
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His eye is still the same. Started the Tetracycline on monday night, so it has been five days. Gentamicin the Friday before that. I'm pretty sure it's not herpes as I give him l-lysene quite often. His symptoms are a case book match for chlamydia. His cold symptoms are almost gone however. I am hoping that will give his body will have extra resources to fight off the eye infection.
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