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update on stray kittens (cold and hungry)

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Hi! A couple of weeks ago, I posted about problems getting ahold of two stray kittens who lived under a neighbor's modular home across the street from my house. I had been unable to get ahold of both of them and the previous owner of the home who is in the process of moving out was taking her time. I was frustrated thinking they were on their way to a cold winter alone (I couldn't take them). Some of you recommended borrowing a cat trap. The only place I could utilize one from would be the animal shelter and involving them would mean that the people who wanted the kittens would have to pay an adoption fee and they weren't willing to do that.

I just found out that the previous owner of the home was, indeed, able to catch them both, and took them to their new home. They're going to be outdoors at their new home, but they sleep in the family's pole barn which is well insulated. The new owners are keeping them shut in there with foot, heat, and bedding for a while before they let them out to roam, so they can realize that it's a good, safe place. Anyway, needless to say, huge weight lifted off my shoulders. So, thanks to those of you who gave me advice!!!!

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Oh good - I do like a happy ending!
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I am so glad everything worked out and they are healthy now. You did a great job with them.

Take Care,
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Kristin....one thing that I think is crucial is to have the kittens spayed/neutered. They will be healthier and they will roam less. It will also keep them from having kittens of their own.

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Oh, naturally, I support the idea of TNR programs. That's just not an option where I'm from (rural areas with the nearest town over with a population over 25,000 40 minutes away). There are no programs here. At all. I really do hope that the new owners have the kittens spayed and neutered (my cats are), but there's really not much I can do about it.

As an aside, I don't know about other areas, but what I see happening here a lot is people around here who grew up on farms and always had outdoor/feral farms cats as a child. Then, when they move into town, they still seem to carry the mentality that it's okay to have the same kind of cats in town. Take it from someone who is sick of seeing scrawny cats and kittens starving around her neighborhood --it doesn't work in town.

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Kristen....I know you are in a rural area....but maybe some group can come there with a mobile clinic. It's been done in other areas very successfully.

I would contact Indy Feral and see if they know of any programs along those lines:


I would also contact the Neuter Scooter:


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Kristin - I agree with Katie - TNR has to start somewhere and maybe you can help get the "ball rolling". Try the info she gave you. And what about contacting the woman on the farm whom you were going to bring the kittens to? She must be spay/neutering, otherwise she'd have hundreds of cats by now. Maybe she's already worked out a discount spay/neuter program with her vet. There may be other people in town who would be willing to help if only they knew how to go about it. Like you, I'm sure there are others who feel badly about the homeless cats and kittens they see.

I wish I could be happy about the woman having taken the kittens (how in the world did she get them?). But considering the kittens were left outdoors, were running across a busy street, and their mother was never spayed, I don't hold out much hope that she's going to be a responsible guardian to them now.

Wasn't there a mom cat with those two kittens? What's happened to her?
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