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Hi everyone! I know, I know--I haven't been keeping up with Juicy pics since my bro moved out and took the digital, but the good news is that I borrowed it the other day and snagged some pics of Juice before I left for work.

Juicy absolutely LOVES playing with the flashlight. As soon as he sees me get it out he meows like crazy and follows me until I turn it on and let him chase it. Here are a few pics of him playing.

Don't mind my mom's bright green house shoes in the background, haha!

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What GREAT pictures of our (not so little anymore) Juicy!

I'm going to have to find some batteries for all my flashlights now and see if my group wants to play.

Thanks, Lacey!
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Thanks Amie! Juicy has always been a fan of the flashlight---let me know how yours respond. Yea, sadly he isn't little anymore, he is 12 pounds now!!! I talked to the owner of Juicy's brother today and his brother weighs only 9 pounds. haha! I definitely don't over-feed him...he's just a big boy i guess!!! However, he does have the hangy-belly thing going on a bit, so we're working on getting more exercise (hence the flashlight play )
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Great pics, Lacey!
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Thanks, Sam!!!
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Juicy's very cute! He look's like a very active little guy.
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Thanks Lisa! He is very active---he's so much fun!!! He's so precious!
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Those are some seriously cute pictures. The whole kit family is photogenic. Love the pictures of Juicy in his sweater. Too cute.
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Hey all! I took some shots of Juicy yesterday wearing a little sign for his momma, Grace:

Here he is getting mad at the sign after I took it off of him :

Here's a pic of Destin. I tried to put the sign on him, but he got mad and ripped it all up and ruined the fun! haha!!!

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That's MY boy!

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Oh what a sweetie, and how nice for his Mumma Grace!
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Oh those Mother's Day photos are too cute!!! Juicy, I WUV you!

And Grace, aren't you looking pretty as usual in your purple collar?
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Grace is beautiful, isn't she???
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How sweet of handsome Juicy to take Mother's Day pics for his mamas (Grace AND you). He has grown into a handsome young man!!!
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thank you, Kelly!!!
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Man, I am on the ball today! I've caught up on some picture taking and finally made a few new posts of Juicy's new toys and Noodle's new mansion. Here are the links to those threads...you should check them out!!!

Juicy's new cat condo: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51290

Juicy's new Boogie Mat: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51288

Noodle's new mansion: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51287

Also, here are a couple more random pics of Juicy!!!

He loves looking outside (just like his momma!!!)

I figured out the auto-timer on the digital and took one of Juicy and I. It's kinda blurry though...

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Oh Juicy you adorable little couture wearing mama's boy!
He's just about the cutest thing ever!
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haha!!! He looks so much like his momma! That's an adorable picture of Grace.

OllyExtra05---you're right, he is a momma's boy!!! I love every minute of it!!!
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend

Oh yes! They look SOO different!
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hey all! It's been a while, but I finally found some time to take some pics this morning! Juicy's been gaining weight like crazy...he's such a big boy!!! We don't know what it is, though! I'm going to take him to the vet next week and see what they think. He only gets fed a portion of Nutro indoor adult dry in the mornings, and a packet of weight management nutro wet food in the evening. He gets lots of exercise, too!

It makes me sad that he is so big now! He will be turning one year old on August 10th!!! I'll shut up and show ya the pictures already!

Chillin' on the computer desk:

Look how sweet that face is!!!

Look at that fat belly!!! He's laying on one of his ears, it looks like it's missing!

Look how LONG he is! Holy cow!!! He's half the computer desk!!!

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He's such a handsome boy! Love the pictures. They do grow up so fast.
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Hey Lacey. Great pictures of Juicy!!!! My my....it's amazing how big he's grown. Just like Hobbes, the belly is expanding like nobody's business. i absolutely love love love Juicy's cute little face, makes me wanna give him a big smooch. Awww...and little belly rubs too, i bet he loves 'em. His paws look really huge too!

Oh btw, answer to your camera question, i use a Canon G3 for all of Hobbes' pictures.

Psst....we should let Juicy and Hobbes meet someday.
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Thank you Eilcon!!!

PEARLY! so nice to see ya here! Glad you stopped by! We should let them meet, that would be awesome! They'd be buds! Juicy's paws are huge, aren't they? People are always commenting on that when they see him. He's such a big boy!!! I don't want him to grow up any more.
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What a sweet face he has! and I want to scratch his tummy!

His coloring and markings are VERY similar to Abby's.
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Thanks Karen!!! You can come over to pet him anytime...he LOVES his belly rubbed!!!

I agree, they do look similar (markings). Abby is beautiful!
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I love the new Juicy pictures, Lacey. Thanks for sharing.
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aw, thanks Sam!!!
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