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I'm loving the learning and loving of my babes

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Today I bought a small bed to keep on my desk rather than a towels. My two babies love it. Next to it is a box with their grooming supplies, a brush, and comb, toothbrushes, toothpaste, clippers.

I've had no problem with brushing (though I'd love to find a page with techniques if someone can direct me, please,) and even wiggled a toothbrush in their mouths last night. Before tonight I got 3 toenails clipped, just the tips, and played with lots of paws.

Tonight each kitty got a nice brushing and combing and most front claws worked on. They had a taste of kitty toothpaste as a treat (barely a smidge.)

When I did Lucius, I held back his head, did his chest and chin with the comb and he promptly fell asleep. I played with his paws to be sure he was out....then clipped a few nails.

Heck, at this rate, a claw or two a night and I'll be doing great.

Narcissa still has diarrhea, both are on Albon, and will start on Metronizidazole as of tonight. For the last couple days I've given them Jarro-dophilus, a half capsule each (though a full capsule tonight) mixed in a little dish with a smidgen of water. They both lap it up like it's a treat or something.

Narcissa doesn't know how to cover her poops/diarrhea. Is that a problem with diarrhea in general? I'm thinking she doesn't know it from a regular poop. Lucius just went in the litter box and did it for her. How nice is that (I did smell it first before I went to check and he was in the box.)

I don't really have any questions, I'm happy with how I'm doing. I obviously wish the diarrhea would stop, it's not fun to deal with. I'm reading the book "The Cat Whisperer" and just want to make sure my kitties are happy.
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I'm glad you're enjoying your babies - it sounds like you're doing a great job with them! I loved the book, "The Cat Whisperer"... thought it was very interesting!

I'm sorry that Narcissa has an upset tummy, hopefully that'll clear up fast.
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It sounds like you are doing all the right things. I wish I had started toothbrushing early. That's my most difficult task! Do you like "The Cat Whisperer?" Maybe I'll get that.

What a wonderful mother you are! Your babies are so lucky!
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The kitties both slept with me last night. That might not be happening again for awhile. I woke up with a puffy eye, so obviously a bit of allergy has kicked in. They did pretty good till I needed some water, then they were awake and wanted to play a bit. They both slept snuggled right up to me.

Oh well....we'll try again some other time perhaps.
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What a wonderful Meowmy you sound! Well done! You sound like you are thoroughly enjoying your babies!

They are beautiful How old are they?

I am sorry to hear that Narcissa has a poorly tummy, I hope it clears up soon! Regarding the poop, I don't think it's a problem, as a lot of cats 'forget' to cover it and generally their loving sibling will do it for them!

The Cat Whisperer, what is it about? I haven't heard of it! Who is the autor? I think I'll hunt it out as a Christmas present to myself!
Do you recommend it?
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