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The Luna Update

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Hi it's me again! I just wanted to say that any day now luna is going to have her kittens. Don't worry I'll put up lots of posts with pictures of Luna and her kittens. But I will also need your help by giving me advice on what to do. Oh, I will be puting these posts in the cat lounge instead of the breebers corner because I think more people go into the cat lounge.
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Griffin, please don't post them in the lounge. You should really put any health related questions in the health forum and any behavior related ones in the behavior forum. I understand that you are not a breeder and that Luna is not a purebred, so the breeder's forum isn't really the place anyway

Best of luck with the delivery! By all means post your questions and stories but please remember to contact your vet immidiately if you think anything may be wrong!
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