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What happend???

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May I ask what happen? I came to log in and it wouldnt allow me. I had to sign up again.

I didnt see my name on the members list either. So can some one tell me what happened here???

Did something happen during the week , I really wasnt able to get to a computer until now.

I guess I better start working up to 400 posts again

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Uff... is a long history,

A long time ago in a far, far away galaxy......
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oh dear Ashley,
As soon as you read this, scroll down in the Lounge to "What the Heck Happened?" and "I'm in Mourning". That about tells it all.

Welcome back, too.
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yeah we had this huge crash and everyone in the last 5 months who had new accounts lost it all .... well look at the other forums to get the rest of the info
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Last Week the whole forum crashed, hon. We've lost 5 months of posts, I'm sorry. We were back int he beginning of june when the site came back up, so you didn't exist yet There's a thread here that goes into deeper explanation, and another where we got these nifty little "I survived" siggies.
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well thanks everyone that posted. I NEVER EXSITED WHAAAAAAAAAA. lol

Im all better now and I back on to posting. I guess i can go on a posting spreee. hehegeg *cough* *cough*


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