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Im glad i lost that thread

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I feel horrible......The last post i wrote was the night of the crash...I ranted, and yelled and cursed about Emmets vet.....
Emmet got real sick a couple of weeks ago..just out of the blue...one morning he wouldnt come get his breakfast (very wierd)..i found him in my roomates room in a corner...His eyes were all glazed over he looked dead..I freaked out and started crying..i got real close to him and could see he was breathing very lightly..i snaped my fingers in his face to try and get a reaction...he slightly moved his eyes...i grabbed him and drove him to the vet....when we got there they said his bladder was the size of a gold ball, it was about to pop, that this was a very serious situation, and that he could die..then they took him and said that he would be there for a few days.............
The main vet came in and seemed really uptight he said he wasnt going to do anything till we agreed to the estimated 600$..i knew we didnt have the money but i didnt care i signed the form......
The wednesday before thanksgiving they called and said he was doing much better and that he could come home...I was exstatic i had never been away from my emmet before...They told us that he had a narrow urethra and that he had crystal blockage..they gave us bottles of pills (Amoxicillin and prednisone) food he hated, and sent him home............
Emmet seemed real happy to see us and acted like he was doing real good, he came home said hi to mabby and doofus and then went to sleep.....FOR 18 HOURS!!!! he was lethargic, he was vomiting, he couldnt pee, he wasnt eating, he was cleaning his genitils like crazy...he would get up and be soo weak...he would slip into these semi comas...it was so scary..Since it was Thanksgiving our vet was closed, and the 24hr emergence place wouldnt even admit him unless we payed 200$...we didnt have that, and we couldnt get it so we had to just hope and pray...Thurday night i stayed up all night and watched him breath....not an easy task after all that turkey...friday morning we were outside as they opened......I WAS SOOO MAD!!!!...they sent him home dying..i was so convinced that they sent him home so they wouldnt have to come in on thanksgiving to care for him...and now we had another problem..it was a real hard thing to get the first 600$ how were we going to pay for the next visit...Already we had spent our rent on this.....he was there for a week..I got more and more mad everyday....So i came on here and yelled and screemed i even put the vets name and the name of the vets office....then the site crashed...and with it things started coming around...when we picked up Emmet he was a totally different cat hes lost 3 pounds (of chub) and he was outgoing and happy....they gave us better food for him that he loves....they heavily discounted the second visit, and they let my boyfriend work off the bill by working on there computer...weve had to bring him in a couple of more times just for follow ups but we havent had to pay for any of them, and his Vet..the one i cursed the name of for a solid week just called and gave me his personal pager number, he told me how he adores emmet and wouldnt want anything to happen to him, and to page him anytime.......
So I feel like an A##...i still feel that they were wrong to send him home that day, but they have more then made up for it....So my appologize to Emmets vet.............and thanx for saving my boy...i wouldnt have been the same without him
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That is so scary. I am so glad your baby is ok now.
Posts like these are great because it can teach others to be alert and always on the lookout for strange behaviour in our fur babies. I probably would have been cursing the vet too, only because I would have been so stressed out and mad that it seemed like the money was more important than your cats health. Glad it worked out in the end though.. it seems they really did care for your baby
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I can't imagine how upset you must have been...I was really mad because I couldn't get in touch with the vet to discuss my kitten's diarrhea (which she's had since I got her). We just kept playing phone tag...but even then, I wasn't anywhere near as upset as I imagine you were, since Lola was fine, otherwise (playing, eating, drinking, sleeping normally and gaining weight/growing like a weed). I'm so glad to hear your little guy is feeling better.

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Posts like these are good....And ever since this ordeal I have wanted to tell everyone about this killer disorder....so heres a link...I wouldnt want any kitty to go through what emmet went through...

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You don't need to apologize about being upset!!! We've all been there at one time or another. I am glad that your cat is okay.
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Bridget did your cat show all those symptoms or did it just come on very suddenly?
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Originally posted by Sisycat
Posts like these are great because it can teach others to be alert and always on the lookout for strange behaviour in our fur babies.
I agree with Sisy, and I'm glad your vet turned out to be a compassionate and understanding person. People need to realize that blockages are extremely serious, and a cat who is blocked can die very quickly. Unfortunately, I have a story to tell about what can happen if a cat doesn't receive help in time.

Quite a few years ago, I was very inexperienced and unknowledgeable(sp?) about cats and at that time I happened to own a young female cat. I didn't understand what was happening when my cat first started getting sick. When I finally realized my cat was very seriously ill, I rushed her to my local veterinary clinic. The vet who examined the cat told me that her bladder was completely obstructed and my choices were to either put my cat to sleep or have emergency surgery performed immediately. I choose surgery only to have my cat survive the operation, but then she died without ever coming out of the anesthesia. My vet was an understanding and compassionate person also, and told me that there would be no charge for the surgery. A few days later the veterinary clinic sent me a special pet loss sympathy card, and that really meant a lot to me. I wanted to let others know that if they see their cat squatting and not having any results or see any other unusual litter box behavior, they should have their cat examined by a vet ASAP.

Sisy It's great to see you back on the boards!
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I am very glad your fellow is now doing well, boy can I empathize.

We had to hospitlaize our Tyler in early October, post bladder surgery when he blocked due to a free floating blood clot. It was very frightening.
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Originally Posted by Sicycat
Bridget did your cat show all those symptoms or did it just come on very suddenly?
Well to answer your question.....it was wierd a couple of days before i found him the way he was he was doing this wierd thing..when hes get out of the box hed drag his butt...I didnt think anything of it because i have seen dogs do that a lot....then the night before he was in and out of the litter box.....but then that was it...then i found him the next day.....the scariest thing is that i found out that he was blocked for about 48hrs at this point, and thats when this stuff gets very serious. After the 48hr mark death or coma then death come about 3-6 days after that......So i guess the biggest thing is to see if they are in and out of the litter box, and see if they dont urinate....which most of you might know is imposible when you have multiple cats...we now have Emmet quarentined in our room during the night with his own box and water dish so we can monitor him..If he didnt pee the night before that usually means he has to go back in.......
oooo the other biggest symptom is he was constintly cleaning his genitals along with being in and out of the box.......thats all that i can really recall..he was totally himself besides those few things until that day
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