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Please help!!

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Hi all. I know this isn't about a cat but I am stuck as to what to do. I'm hoping someone will have an idea or suggestion. Ok here goes.. I'm living in NJ while my father is living in FL. He has a chow mix, Bear, who has mange. My father has all sorts of problems -- physical as well as mental. He has been giving him baths which he says seem to be helping but there are times when he can't. For example, I just spoke with him today and he is in the hospital with pneumonia. He was very sick a few years back and when he was taken to the hospital someone put him in an animal hospital where he was boarded and they did the Mitaban dips there. We went down to Florida and paid for everything. Unfortunately, we can't go down there now and he is disabled and cannot afford to have him boarded, etc.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any programs that could help with a case like this. Perhaps provided vet care at a low cost? Or atleast any suggestions as to what I can do to help from all the way up here.

*Any* help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much,
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