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Show us your cats' baby pictures!

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Sense unfortantly we lost our dear baby picture thread due to the downtime, I wanted to make another, knowing lots of people enjoyed the thread. So show us your babies pictures, and I will show a few soon. (This meaning a picture of your baby as a kitten, then maybe one as an adult)
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*sob* I didn't have my girls when they were kittens.. I missed out on so much
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Here's The Sammycat with his little orange bear that he would drag all over the house as a youngster.

And today doing his best Mr. Attitude look
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I only have baby pics of Saki

Fetching his mouse

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Aww! I want a grey kitten so bad!! My fiance won't let me get another one though Maybe in a year or two. Here are my little terrors!
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The four babies, Princess is the Orange Tabby, Pitufo is the black kitty and the two grays are Tom and Chuckly (they live next door). They were around 5 days old.

Princess, Pitufo and Tom

Chuckly, Princess and Pitufo at around 5 weeks old.

Princess now

Pitufo now
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Yay the baby thread is back...

Gandalf a few weeks before I picked him up...I really do need to get the roles of film developed. (I got my digital after he was a little bigger)

Gandalf as the big handsome man cat he is...

Samwise as a youngster...(This would have been a few weeks after I got him..)

Samwise now...

And my favorite of him sleeping...

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Heres some mabby baby pics

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All 8 babies

Here is Hampster when she was maybe 3-4 months old. She is now out grown this spot.


Gizmo and Tiggers first arival at my home. they are 5 weeks old here and very ill

Gizmo white/orange Tigger calico/white

Picolo when we first got him at 3 months old I bet. He's a heart throb now


Then of course the group photo

Tabitha(black and white) .......................Trish (Black one in the middle)
Babi (in front w/white socks)...................Jasmin (full grey in front)
Hampster(behind Jasmin or sorta on her)

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Here's baby Meeko, around six or seven weeks:

And grown up Meeko, age nine:

Baby Esmeralda, she was around three months when this was taken:

And Esmeralda all grown up, eight years old:

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Aww all the pics are beautiful, I love this thread.
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
*sob* I didn't have my girls when they were kittens.. I missed out on so much

No you didn't! Have fun looking pics and commenting. I'm sure your babies' are great! Don't worry about it.
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I love all the pictures! What sweet little babies! ....and beautiful adults.
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Buzz, then and now

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Cathi, Sammycat all grown up looks just like my Nathan! I often wonder what our beasties looked like as kittens (they were 3 years old when we got them) and now I at least know what Nathan looked like--like little Sammycat!
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YAY!!! I love this thread thanks for restarting

here is Tipsy then & now

and Cedar then & now

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Thank you for starting this thread up again! I always love showing them as babies and have enjoyed everyone else's baby photos!

Baby George

George frequently became possessed

Megan as a baby still living outside

McKenzie baby

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Here's my two precious angels Sash and Lucki, about a month after I found them

My big boy now
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I just love everyone's baby pictures, they are so adorable!! Wow! I can't believe how tiny George was! Such a little baby.
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Aw Lisa, look at your little babies!


I haven't seen that pic of baby Tipsy.
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I love seeing all the babies. I have had several kittens but here are just a couple.

This is Elliot when he was about 4 weeks old. He is about 8 weeks old now. I don't have an updated picture of him but he doesn't look much different.

This is Kizzie when she was just a couple of weeks old

And here she was when she was 10 months old. She is now a little over a year old.

I could share many many more, but that'll have to do for now.
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I still can' believe how tiny the guys were!
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aww babies are so cute!! they grow up so fast!
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OMG look how tiny George is!!! I have seen those pictures before - but everytime I see them I think the same thing

I just found all these kitten pictures of Tipsy Chris I have even younger ones at home that I will have to scan

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Here's my sweet little Juicy!!!
He's the one with his eyes open in the middle:

I can't tell which one he is in this picture! It's driving me nuts trying to tell! They all looked so much alike at this point:

Juicy's on the very bottom in this pic (hehe!)

a little older now:

here he is with his mommy (Grace):

And the most recent I have here at work:

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Hi - Iowa Danielle! Your kittens are precious!!!!
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I LOVE the picture of Juicy with his mommy, Grace. That is so SWEET!

(And of course I love the one of him in his little argyle sweater )
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I love sweet little Juicy!
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hehe!!! Thank you!!! Isn't that the cutest picture! Here's a few more of them by the window:

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Don't they look sooo much alike!?!?! Juicy misses his mommy! He was definitely a momma's boy!!!
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