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Updates & what's going on...

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Hello everyone! Wow....things look different here, i'm glad TCS is all back and running now. Ooh yes, ihearthobbes is now known as Hobbester lol.

Just wanted to drop in and give you guys a quick update on us. We have finally closed on the condo and moved in. We spent Thanksgiving moving, painting and furnishing the place, were so tied up that we didn't even have turkey. But Hobbes did, i got him Merrick's Thanksgiving Day dinner. Lucky brat.

So we finally settled in, but i still have tons of boxes to unpack Hobbes is adapting to the new home fairly well, i bought a couple of Feliway plugins so he wouldn't feel uncomfortable or anything. i think he loves his new home, he did a lot of running around now that we have bigger space. He even had first dibs on the new leather couch.

As for my Secret Santa (is this game still on?), i haven't forgotten you. i will mail out the package hopefully by next week. (i hope she's still around TCS!)

We don't have DSL here, so we'll be getting Optimum Online. Cable guy is scheduled for installation next friday. i miss being on TCS and everyone here. So hopefully i'll see more of you guys soon. i want to see Denise's (turtlecat) wedding pictures! Right now, i'm painfully on dialup and my connection is only 31.2 kbps. ARGH! So anyway, i'll post more pics of Hobbes and our new apartment when high-speed internet is back in the house.

Adios! See y'all soon.

ps. i want my Alpha cat status back!
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WB and thanks for the update. I'm glad you are all moved in and Hobbes likes the new place too
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:P I'm sorry! I know they're humungus, but I at least warned, sort of
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Hey, I want come back, my old status too!!!

Can you speak spanish????

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Hey! I was wondering what was going on with you - sounds like you've been busy! Can't wait to see pictures of sweet Hobbes, he's so handsome!
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Where are you in NJ?? I'm also here.
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Welcome back
well im the next one to move... from tcs i think hehe
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glad the move was a success. Can't wait till you're back 'full time' on the site.
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I was afraid we'd lost you, but I knew you were busy moving. I'm glad that you and the Hobster are back. You will need to show us your new place after you get things unpacked. It's such a hectic time to move
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hello Pearly and sweet little Hobbes!! I miss you.
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