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Meow Mix Seafood Middles

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This is what I've primarily fed my guy all his life (he's 17). I've recently read around here that dry catfood isn't good for them, yet my mom feeds her cat dry food all the time (he cat is 15) and I have fed my guy Meow Mix (Seafood Middles) for a long time (regular Meow Mix prior to their release of the "seafood middle" mix).

Occassional I give him Tender Vittles as a treat, which he goes CRAZY for! (chicken or tuna flavor)

Anyone else do dry food only? How long have you been feeding it to your kitty? Anyone else's kitty seem to like Meow Mix? Is it okay for my guy?
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I had always done dry food untill i got mabby. Now i mix wet and dry together for them...and now that emmet has crystal formation its more important then ever for him to have his special wet food....but yeah i give a half and half mix....I know that kitties drink less water if there on just primarily wet food........But my boyfriends moms cats are like 12 i think and they are just on dry food.... Also my friends cat can't eat wet food it gives him the runs....so i guess it just depends on the cat.....
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In addition if the cat is a healthy 17 year old...i would think that you had to be doing the right thing
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Thanks for the replies
Nebula: that is kinda what I'm hoping -- and he DOES really like it. Though admittedly he's never been particularly finicky. He's a big eater, and a big boy, so it's hard to imagine how much wet food I'd need to give him to keep him happy
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yeah my vet told me that cats will eat less dry food then wet anyways...he said wet food can sometimes cause wet gain
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17! You must be doing something right!
I can only hope Sasha (12) will get to 17 as healthy as possible! WTG!
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