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See what you think!!

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Yesterday I talked to a long-haul driver just back from the US. He told me that some of the truck stops doubled their diesel prices minutes after the second plane hit. He was fuelling at a stop in upstate NY when things went down. He paid with a credit card,and later realized he had been charged $2.50 US per gallon. He's refusing to go back south now.

It's sad when some people use things like this to line their pockets,but I expect we'll see more of the same in the days to come.

I was also curious about how the life insurance companies will handle policies without definite proof of death?? Any insurance folks out there??

There are going to be repurcussions from this horrible week in ways we never considered. Let's hope the governments are up to the task.

This is one Canadian who has never slept right since that day..I'm exhausted. I can't imagine how many of you folks who are much closer to the event are coping. God bless you and watch over you all..Peace Please.
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Thats called price gouging & they have severe fines for doing things like that in times of crisis. They had put a freeze on gasoline prices during this time. If he has a receipt he can report this. It is unthinkable that people will try to take advantage of people in times of crisis.
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We were very lucky here. None of the stores or gas stations did any of that. In fact, a few stations actually went down. It is unthinkable that people can be so greedy.
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I have a friend in Indiana who reported a gas station that was doing that. they got in trouble and had to get their prices down to normal.

It's sad that in this time of crisis there are people trying to take advantage.
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This info is from an article published on CNN.... here is the url in case anyone is interested.

"Because positive identification would likely delay delivery of a death certificate, insurance companies may use alternative, nonstandard documents as credible evidence, Dolan said.

Alternative documents would include corporate staff lists, affidavits from beneficiaries or employers, and passenger lists, Dolan said.

Such changes are unusual only in the number of claims that would be involved, Dolan said. Insurance companies make similar accommodations for beneficiaries when relatives die in plane crashes or similar accidents in which bodies are not recovered."

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There are moments of light comedy at the border crossings in even these dark days. I run into Maine hauling hog fuel..a mixture of bark and sawdust. I was asked by a very serious US customs agent standing by the truck if I had anyone in the bunk...umm,guys..it's a day cab truck..no bunk!! He barely winced.

Canada customs does it too. The truck ahead of me was asked if his trailer was sealed..it was an open log trailer..no sides,no doors.
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At least here in TX, the Attorney General has asked that anyone engaged is price gouging be reported to his office. I gather there have been a few fines, but so far they are mostly in the range of $1000 US, which doesn't seem like much of a deterrant to me. On the other hand, none of my local gas stations has changed prices in the last 2 weeks, it still costs me $20 to fill up. I think I drive too much.
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