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Please explain

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In an earlier thread under the title help,help,help.help I asked for help on how to introduce on older cat to a very jealouse younger cat - I am following the advise and sooo far OK. Today my little boy (the younger cat) slipped under my feet into the den where I keep Piper (new cat). He charged ran/charged towards her chasing her around the room. Me of course frozen in place screemed NOOOOOOO - being caught off gard and I guess could not think of anthing else to do. Anyway he only chased her one round and ran back out of the room. His tail was tripple size it normally is but that was it - no hissing, swatting, etc. I think if he really wanted to attacker he would have done that. Ok he has been wanting to come in to a while now but could not and when he finally got chance he took it - can't blame him. I am parden the pun a virgin at this and don't know what to make of it. My gut instinct tell me that if he really wanted to be aggressive no yelling in the world would have stopped him - so was this a form of play - I am the top man thing? Your input is greatly appreciated.
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It sounds to me as if he were scared and trying to intimate her and let her know who he was. If he were going to attack her, he probably would have at least taken a good swat. Maybe next time take him in there instead of letting him sneak in on his own.
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I agree! I think this is not a bad sign...he probably was just saying "I'm in charge and don't you forget it!"

How long have they been separated now? Perhaps it is time to begin letting them see each other. I can't remember whether we suggested putting them in carriers/cages and then feeding them something really yummy....but try this, making sure they are positioned where they can see each other. Or...if you think they will be able to do the yummy treat outside the cage without any chasing you can try it that way.

If the little boy goes after Piper and actually catches her, you can gently toss a pillow at them...this will startle them into stopping the fight without hurting them or you. Spraying with a squirt bottle of water will also work.

I read in another post to feed both cats at the door which separates them so they get more used to eachother and begin associating eachother with a positive thing (food).

Good luck!
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I thought so but needed to bounce this off you guys. Good to know that others with much more experience agree - it is a relief!

well, right now we are at the stage of where I let her roam the house while Loki is in the den. Must say he has improved soooo much (all for the better)i can't believe it, he has become much more patient and loving. Before he used to sit outside the door and howl away the whole time I was with Piper. Now I barely hear a meow - of course that depends on his mood. He is beginning to accept the situation and because of his situation during the first 7 months of his life, he needs the extra time to firmly understand that he is not loosing mom but gaining a sister. They are both just so lovery, yet very different.

I do want to take him to have his claws trimmed (you should see them) before I go to the next step - just in case. Piper's claws could also use a trim.


Yes, you did mention to put them into carriers and I will do that in a week or two. Since both do not care for treats I substitute lost of petting, hugs, kisses and soft talk. Making sure they both know they are loved and they "did good".
I could not have made it this far without your guidance. .........and I am still learning every day!!!!
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Yippee! I'm glad it is going so well! Since your kitties don't like treats, try getting two toys (like feathers on a stick) so that you can play with both cats with the same type of toy at the same time, but with one cat playing on your right and one playing on your left. They will have fun and will learn that mom does fun stuff with me when the other cat is around.

You are doing an excellent job being patient and persisting with this difficult introduction. Give yourself some really big pats on the back...you deserve to be proud!
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Great idea lotsocats; Piper loves this long rubber string I have, you know the kind you use for pull up pants and Loki loves his feather toy.

My mother does say she wishes I had as much patience with humans as I do with animals.

Thanks for the encouragement - Piper and Loki are well worth the time invested.
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