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Wow, who would have ever thought that we were all so interesting! LOL come on you lurkers, you have to play this time too.........we want to know about YOU!
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20 facts about me:

1. I'm 33 years old

2. I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my first baby

3. I've had the same job ( as a paralegal) for 10 years.

4. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

5. I wish I could go to a real berlitz course and learn as many languages as possible.

6. I love to travel, especially to Europe.

7. My husband just got laid off (Nice timing.)

8. My cats, Simon and Max, are ridiculously fat and spoiled and I adore them with all my heart.

9. I still love the 80's band Duran Duran.

10. I graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Screenwriting.

11. I do proofreading for a publishing company as a second job.

12. My mom is going to be a great grandma.

13. I never want to go backwards in my life

14. I survived Catholic School!

15. I am officially addicted to Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter.

16. I HATE chocolate.

17. Right now, I should be getting ready for work.

18. My favorite book is "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

19. I will sit down and watch The Godfather I and II any time they come on TV.

20. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!
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1. I hate my name Ashleigh

2. My mum died aged 46 from ovarian cancer

3. I have an obsession with Angels (it helps being one )

4. I have two brothers, both older than me

5. I have one child, a daughter called kelly who's 17 and training to be a hairdresser

6. I dislike people with bad manners

7. I can't eat food like porridge or tapioca as I don't like the texture :S

8. When I was little me and my cousins pretended we were 'charlies angels' we'd cut out pictures from newspapers and stop random people in the street and tell them they were missing,and ask if they'd seen them!

9. Christmas is my favourite time of year

10. I love winter

11. I have almost died twice, once from an asthma attack, once from almost drowning..yet I can swim! I was saved by my brother who cannot!

12.I have two tattoos, one of my football/soccer teams badge and one with a celtic cross and scroll, with mum in it.

13. I put my snickers in the freezer for an hour before I eat it.

14. I love anything to do with ghosts.

15. My favourite band at the moment are Keane.

16. I used to get bullied at school by a boy called David, one day I'd really had enough and just turned round and kicked him in his delicate place, he left me alone after.

17. My favourite food is Indian and turkish food.

18. My favourite alcoholic drink is Brandy, and diet coke with lemon my soft drink.

19. I had never ever owned a cat until this year...and I love it!

20. I know where Alan (my hubby) has hidden my pressies
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20. I know where Alan (my hubby) has hidden my pressies [/quote]

Did you peek Ashleigh????
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20. I know where Alan (my hubby) has hidden my pressies

Me too mine are under the tree in plain sight and it is annoying me to not be able to get near them.. LOL
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
20. I know where Alan (my hubby) has hidden my pressies

Did you peek Ashleigh????
Actually do you know what, I didn't!...I so wanted to, but i'm like a big kid and didn't want to spoil my surprise.
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1. Sierra is the love of my life. I love her more than anyone or anything I could have ever imagined and have from the moment I saw her, my love for her grows stronger every day.

2. I was born two months premature.

3. I am an RN and am completely terrified of going to the Dr.

4. When I wear my scrubs in public and someone asks if I'm a nurse, I have had countless complete strangers pour their hearts out to me about their very personal, private medical conditions.

5. I have long blond hair and green eyes.

6. I am so intolerant of cold weather, I love hot weather!

7. Winter is my least favorite season, but Christmas is my very favorite holiday!

8. It drives me completely insane to hear someone chomp their gum or eat with their mouth open or in a sloppy, slurpy manner.

9. It takes me a long time to establish a friendship and truly trust someone, but once I have a friend, I will be their friend forever, nomatter what, and would do anything at all for that person.

10. I have had LASIK. I used to be legally blind in my right eye, with incredibly awful vision in my left and used to not be able to see the big X on the chart at all. Now, my vision is 20/15! That's right, better than perfect!

11. Sierra is sleeping here on her computer chair and allowing me to share. This means, I am balanced on about an inch and a half of chair.

12. In person, I am very shy.

13. Last week, I locked myself out of my house and had to call my realty agency to come let me in.

14. I have been a vegetarian for about 14 years.

15. I wish I was better at corresponding by postal mail, I always mean to, but that doesn't get it done.

16. I like pretty pj's and buy more of them than I do regular clothes. I don't sleep in them, but am most comfortable around the house in them.

17. Pictures of Sierra are up all over the house, but only one is framed.

18. Sierra's voice and loving purr are the most beautiful sounds I know.

19. I just bought a new car, not because I wanted to, but because mine passed away. I'm really happy with this car, and don't believe I've ever driven such a nice one!

20. I have established some of the most wonderful friendships and met some of the most incredible people here at TCS and am thankful every day for the opportunity to be here!
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I have no idea what SIMS is but hope someone will explain it to me.
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Sims is a computer game... you create little families and help them have careers!

And thanks for posting your facts Steph... I didn't know a lot about you (2 months premature, wow!)!
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Thank you, Ari, for that explanation, sounds like fun!
Thank you for your facts, too, it's so much fun to learn these little things about eachother, isn't it!
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2. I just got my hair dyed brown(and i love it!! although it is kind of a shock because i have always been a NATURAL.. and yes, im truely a blonde in more than one way..guess i was tryin to cover some of it up.. hehe)
We call that artificial intelligence here.
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
We call that artificial intelligence here.
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since i'm taking the day off figured i'd do some posts and try not to be a kitten anymore

1. i'm 22 years old
2. i moved over 500 miles from home 4 years ago and didnt know anyone here
3. i have 3 dogs, 2 turtles and 11 cats
4. in addition to my 16 pets i take care of anywhere from 20-30 others that are all at my house
5. i opend a cat rescue in may of this year on my own
6. i hate school
7. i do not like authority figures or being told what to do (yeah i'm stubborn)
8. once my mind is made up its made up (as my mom would say "theres no point anna. you've been that way since you were born")
9. i'm a vegetarian and have been for 8 years
10. i'm part german, part mexican and a lot of other stuff mixed in
11. when i paint my nails i only paint one hand but feel too silly to explain why (and its not because i cant paint the other hand like some people think)
12. there are 5 babies in my bed right now and i can see 7 others from here
13. i LOVE photography
14. i dont really know how to work a computer but managed an A in my computers class
15. i never have any clue what i'm doing, and i mean not even an iota but people think i do
16. i can not spell to save my life
17. i have a fabulous family that i'm really close to
18. i've very artistic
19. my favorite store is Lowes (i do habitat for humanity and like doing my own home improvements)
and 20. i have over 50 pairs of shoes
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ohmy I just responded to this and lost it all

great thread as always Susie

1. I have one older brother & sister - and I am certainly 'daddies little girl'

2. I admire my father more than anyone in the world

3. I have been vegetarian for about 15 years. My husband isnt.

4. I dont wear makeup often - occassionally I will if we go out for dinner just to make DH happy

5. I collect frogs - anything about frogs - live frogs, glass frogs, ceramic frogs, candle frogs - its an obssession of mine

6. I graduated from RMIT here in Melbourne with a Diploma in Architectural Drafting

7. I am a year away from graduating from Deaking University with a B.A. in Architecture and a B.A in Construction Management

8. I run my own business

9. My dream is to visit every country in the world - I have been to about 26 so far - I have a long way to go *sigh*

10. I love photography although DH gets mad at me for taking so many photos - I came back from 2 years travelling Europe with over 300 rolls of film

11. I am presently designing our dream home - not that we have anywhere to build it right now

12. In that dream home I have included a room just for my photos

13. I hold grudges

14. I am very outspoken - sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain has caught up

15. This also means that if you want an honest opinion - you know where to come - I dont sugar coat anything much to some peoples disgust

16. I love summer but can not stand winter

17. I believe Australia is the best place in the world - I know I know I am biased

18. I also survived Catholic school - but am not religious now - maybe thats why?

19. I love chocolate!!!

20. I would love to learn Japanese and/or Arabic
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1. I am 18 years old.

2. I had sinus surgery when I was 4 years old.

3. I suffered from eating dissorders throughout high school.

4. I do not tan, I prefer natural.

5. I am scared of more things then I can count.

6. I am extremely self concious and shy.

7. I love fitness and fitness related stuff.

8. I believe I have adult ADD.

9. I adore decorating and planning.

10. I am more mature then most my age.

11. I prefer adults to people my age.

12. I have extremely flat feet, which is very painful.

13. I love piercings.

14. I am a very picky eater.

15. I love cold weather, hate hot weather.

16. I enjoy baking, especially desserts.

17. I want to have 2 kids, one girl one boy.

18. I like mopping, but hate sweeping.

19. I also can't have my food touch each other.

20. It takes me at least 2 hours to fall asleep each night, and 30 minutes to wake up.
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Oh Steph - you mean like Susie in the Secret Santa thread? Hmmmm.. I think you better not be around when she's eating chocolates and such at her desk.

munch munch munch......ohhhh, ahhhhh, ummmmm, slurp, munch, slurp, owowoowow......

Oh, hello little paper clip guy......whats up? Oh, a message from my best buddy Chris.........

Chris, you know who it is??????? I'm having some Godiva chocolates right now....can I interest you in some?????
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1. I'm 28 years old
2. I'm a single mom of two boys
3. I clean my entire house twice a week
4. I smoke
5. I always let the phone ring 2 times before answering, even if I have it right in front of me
6. I own and wear a pair of bear feet slippers
7. I take things out of people's trash
8. I have never been arrested
9. I love chocolate
10. I only drink Diet Pepsi or water
11. My favorite color is purple
12. I hate to do laundry
13. I edge my sidewalk with a garden trowel
14. I spent more days in In School Suspension than I did in classes my sophmore year of high school
15. I recycle
16. I am terrible at math
17. I like to decorate
18. I am a major calorie counter
19. I count steps when I go up and down stairways
20. I am terrified of spiders, ladders and crickets
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1. I love the colors blue, purple and green.
2. I love punk music. (Bet you never guessed that!)
3. I want a degree in womens mythology
4. I always wanted to live in the medeival period
5. I beleive in ghosts, spirits, and faeries.
6. My dream is to travel to Scotland and Wales
7. I play the bass and guitar, and used to play the flute.
8. I have to alphabetize my file folders and book shelves
9. I can't sleep with socks on.
10. I am afraid of bugs.
11. I LOVE the show Coupling.
12. I love my job at the airport.
13. Seafood, Steak, and garlic are my favorite foods.
14. I write novels and short stories
15. My middle name is Jo
16. I like my coffee black
17. I love Coca Cola, but can't drink Pepsi. Makes me sick
18. I used to drink 2 2 litre bottles of mountain dew a day
19. I have heart conditions and am falling apart and am only 22.... i can't imagine what it will be like when I get old
20. I will not, under any circumstance, eat green beans.
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20 facts about me :

1. I am 32 years old

2. I am an only child

3. I have always wanted brothers and sisters

4. I am very shy

5. I dont eat any kind of seafood

6. My favourite drink is diet coke

7. I love hot weather

8. I cant drink plain water, it has to be flavoured eg: lemon or lime

9. My mum died when I was 13, my dad died when I was 18 years old

10. I love my animals more than anything in the whole world!

11.I would love to own my own house one day

12.I have only been overseas once when I was 4 years old!

13.My favourite food is Mexican

14.I HATE my hair...its thick and curly

15.I used to iron my hair straight (but this damged it beyond repair )

16.I am hopeless with understanding computers and technology

17.I cant sleep with the window open

18.I am very easy-going and understanding

19.I joined Weight Watchers 3 months ago and have lost 9 kg (approx 20lb?)

20.I broke my front tooth when I was 20 yo. I slipped and fell, landing face
first on the edge of the kitchen table...I now have a false tooth
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8. It drives me completely insane to hear someone chomp their gum or eat with their mouth open or in a sloppy, slurpy manner.
OMG that is soooooo annoying!!! I had to take a test a few weeks ago and the girl at the next computer was chewing her gum with her mouth open making that chewy noise. I was about ready to grab it and stuff it up her nose. The smacking noise people make when eating hard candy or running a lollipop around on their teeth drives me up the wall too.
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1=im very excited about xmas
2=steak is my favorite food
3=i was a dancer for the age of 4 up till i was 16
4=i hate my job......or is that boss?
5=i have to use straightners on my hair every morning
6=aswell as a cat i also have fish, 2 love birds, a dog and a lizard
7=my favorite colour is pink
8=i LOVE coffee
9=i am 21
10=i love the dark nights the winter brings
11=i smoke
12=i have a very strong urge to get another kitten
13=i use sunbeds
14=my bf has 4 children from previous relationship!
15=sunday is my favorite day
16=id give anything for a mon-fri job
17=when i was 14 my sister died my hair blue.....i always said she was evil
18=i can take my thumb out of its socket
19=sox sleeps on my head every night
20=i bite my nails
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You've all done great!! Anymore???
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I started this once and lost it - so if it appears somewhere else you know why

1. I'm 39 and 10 months - nearly 40!!!

2. I've been married nearly 20 years to my lovely hubby .

3. Hubby is 16 years older than me and I love that - I couldn't imagine being married to a man my own age - he might want me to be his second mum

4. We have two lovely children. My daughter is very nearly 18, my stepson is 25. He teaches at my daughter's school - so at school she has to call him Sir She's really happy about that

5. I love my job and couldn't imagine doing another one - I turned down a job paying twice as much to stay at the University.

6. We have three kitties now, all girls and all rescue cats (Tippy, Felicity and Adelaide) and three chickens - one rooster (Jacques) and two hens (Lottie and Hettie).

7. I LOVE to travel. I've been as far west as Hawaii and Greece in the East and many places in between!

8. I love football (soccer) and Formula 1 motor racing - I have been known to get up at 3 am to watch the motor racing live

9. I speak Italian quite well (enough to get by), I understand most of what I read and hear but find it harder to put the words together for myself!. I also speak a little bit of French and Spanish.

10. I went to University full-time as a mature student. I had a home, hubby and two children aged 3 and 10 to look after, as well as a full-time degree course - but wouldn't have changed it for the world. It was the best thing I ever did.

11. I love Indian and Italian food.

12. I like cooking, but need to prepare for it . So I need plenty of time, a good recipe then I can do a mean meal. Hubby's great though, he can collect together all kinds of odds and ends and make a fantastic meal without thinking about it

13. I love photography and would like to spend more time figuring out how to do the things with my digital that I used to do with my manual SLR.

14. I love reading - and enjoy student vacation time at work as that way I get to do some reading for pleasure instead of just reading student essays!

15. I am a shy person - but really love people. Part of my role as a tutor is being a counsellor - distressed students tend to gravitate to me - but I don't mind and do what I can for them.

16. I really do not like rude or inconsiderate people - especially when the behave as if the universe should revolve around them.

17. I can do housework, and when I do it, it's done well. But I don't like it and I could think of a thousand more enjoyable things to do

18. I drive a Renault Scenic, which is a great car because it's tall and I'm short!!! I'm only 5ft tall. It's also automatic - so no gear changes for me Yay!!

19. I enjoy a good laugh - two of my favourite films are Steve Martin movies - "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and "Roxanne".

20. If I won the lottery we've decided we'd buy a house far out in the country and open a shelter for abandoned cats. Poor kitties. . I'd make it a nice big place so I could invite my TCS friends over!!!
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1. I'm 42
2. Been maried for 11 years
3. Retired from the Navy after 20 years as a Hospital Corpsman (medical)
4. I was never a cat fan until we got one after getting married. Now I'm hooked.
5. I have no human children.
6. PEPSI is the nectar of the Gods.
7. Love to watch footbal, hockey, and baseball.
8. Wish I was better at sports. Too short and slow, but will kick your butt at bowling
9. I have two cats, George (momma's boy) and Gracie (daddy's girl)
10. In the year 2000, I circumnavigated the earth twice either by ship or airplane
11. I hate vegetables, salads, etc.
12. If it did not cluck, moo, or oink at one time, I'm not interested in eating it.
13. I currently work for the federal government
14. I want to get a dog when I fully retire
15. I have been to over two dozen countries
16. I am smarter than the average person even though I do not have a college degree
17. My heritage is middle European. Russian-Hungarian
18. I feel that my vehicles should be equipped with phasers or photon torpedos for those drivers that wish to cut me off or get in the way. Startrek fans will know what I'm talking about.
19. I still do not know what makes a duck's ass watertight
20. I have always wondered, WHY DO FAT PEOPLE WEAR SPANDEX?
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Originally Posted by huggles
16. I love summer but can not stand winter

Awe!! You love me!
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This is a great idea Susie. I'll post my facts before reading everyone elses.

1. I hate coffee, but I love coffee icecream and I love the smell of it brewing.

2. I used to be a Coca Cola addict - now I have stopped right down to perhaps a can or two a week.

3. When I was 11 I was one of 5 children chosen in NZ to have a special "mouth plate" a month later it fell out of my mouth when I was playing in the grass.

4. In the last month I have developed an urge to clean! I vaccumed my room three times today.

5. I have a big family! spread between NZ & Aus

6. My mum hates pork, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE pork!

7. I speak French as well as English.

8. Early afternoon in my favourite time of the day.

9. I've lived in over 15 houses in my life.

10. I have never been a sun person until this summer and I can't get enough of the sun!

11. I'm addicted to TCS and a TV programme called Shortland Street

12. I have been with my boyfriend Trent since Feb this year.

13. I live with my Mum.

14. Computers fascinate me, I wish I knew everything about them!

15. I hate socks! I only wear socks to school.

16. I have extremely flat feet - because I never ever wore shoes unless it was a hugely special occasion - so now it makes it difficult for me to buy shoes.

17. I love the Harry Potter series! I can't wait for the next one to come out.

18. I will be 15 years old in March.

19. I got a wireless mouse and keyboard today.

20. I love txting!

Sam. Woah - that was harder then I thought! Can't wait to ready everyones facts.
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Originally Posted by lenaorie
Awe!! You love me!
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1. I am very moody.

2. Last year, when I was 25, I had a Hysterectomy & Salpingo-Oophorectomy (ovary, if you didnt know).

3. I have 1 kitty.

4. I want another kitty.

5. I have very little patience.

6. I love rap music, it's my favorite.

7. I am a Dr Pepper junkie!!

8. I hate asparagus and eggplant.

9. I love brussel sprouts.

10. I only like my coffee with flavored creamer.

11. I am an only child.

12. I have 2 little boys. Ages 4 & 5.

13. I am a single mother.

14. Even though I am separated, I miss him often. His humor mostly.

15. I also miss holding him.

16. I am going to Las Vegas for the New Year weekend, and I am PSYCHED!!

17. I have family in Hawaii that I have never met.

18. My favorite colors are Purple & Green.

19. I LOVE living in Oregon!!!

20. I have Vitligo (no pigment in parts of my skin).
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1 I hate it when someone reads over my shoulder.
2 I went back to school after being out for 26 years.
3 I have 1 lovely daughter who is expecting her first child, a boy, we think, but she is having another ultrasound on Tuesday to be sure.
4 I am tattooed over about 40% of my body, but you can't see any of them whe I am wearing normal clothes.
5 I love to sit alone in the evening with my 16 lava lamps, candles, and kitties.
6 I hate "chick movies."
7 I think some pro wrestlers are incredibly sexy.
8 I often carry a gun, and shoot pretty well.
9 I have won over 50 karaoke contests.
10 I am a massage therapist, and want to be a doula, a massage therapist that works with pregnant women and midwives.
11 I own a beautiful 1971 Harley Davidson Super Glide.
12 I have a life long fascination with stones, even though I know very little about them. I keep my most beautiful ones on a brass plate shaped like a cat head.
13 I am psychic with those I am close to. I know when my daughter is upset from 350 miles away. I can often start a conversation about what my sweetie is thinking about, even if he has not said a word, especially if we are on a trip in the car.
14 I lived in Kansas City, Missouri for 2 years, and would love to go back.
15 I hate North Carolina, but have move back here 5 times.
16 I have been with the same wonderful guy for almost 20 years, but we have never married. I am afraid things will change if we do, and we are happy like we are.
17 I opened my first bank account yesterday.
18 I love cheesy old black and white movies, particularly the old car and biker movies.(Dragstrip Riot, Chopper Chicks from Zombietown)The Frankie and Annette beach movies are great, too.
19 I was with a semi professional ballet company from ages 12 to 18.
20 I wish chewing gum would be made illegal, I hate the smacking, popping, open mouth chewing, and just everything about it.
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Krazy, I hate when people read over my shoulder too!
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