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This weeks facts, not questions 12/05/04

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I had posted this on Victor's temp site last weekend.

Well, since so few of us are here, I thought instead of ME doing the questions this week, I'd let us, if you want to, give 20 things about ourselves........

I'll go first........

1. I hate coffee

2. I love watching the old shows from the 50/60's on TV Land.

3. I wet the bed until I was 7!

4. My hair is poker straight unless I curl it.

5. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, all older. ( I loved being the "baby")

6. Petals is my mischievious/lovey one, Trixie is my standoffish/princess one, and Tiggy is just my sweet/naughty little bum.

7. I love Italian food over anything.

8. I collect rag dolls.

9. My mother is 68 and has worked at Lerner New York, a women's clothing store since I was 5!! (36 years!!!)

10. Jerry is a wonderful, but messy cook.

11. I hate the taste of beer.

12. I don't smoke.

13. I was a Brownie/Girl scout as a child.

14. I actually like housework.

15. I drive a 2004 Chevy Cavalier.

16. I've been as far as Hawaii.

17. I am a dope when it comes to computers.

18. I can't sew....well, maybe a hem and a button, but that's it.

19. I'm a hopeless, old fashioned traditionialist.

20. I still don't have my Secret Santa gift yet...........

Have a great week everyone and cross your fingers that TCS gets up and running in the next week. Thanks Victor for doing all you did for us here though. Your a life saver!!

Susie, mummy to Tiggy, Petals and Trixie Pie!!
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1) I can't wait until my last day of work before my maternity leave
2) I am terrified of labour
3) I really don't feel like working today
4) I have a sore throat
5) I have an extremely messy streak
6) I wear glasses
7) I wish I knew how to speak more languages
8) I really admire those who do cat rescues
9) I wish I had time to volunteer
10) I like nothing better then curling up with a fantasy book and a cat and tuning the world out
11) I am trying to curb my addiction to reality TV (used to watch every one and I have seriously cutback)
12) I hate being tired all the time
13) I resent that my mother seems to worry more about my sister and her children then about me
14) I worry about taking a year off with the baby and then fitting in back at work
15) I worry about going back to work after a year and putting the baby in child care
16) I worry about my mother in law's health and hope that she is still here for when the baby is born and can take an active part in his life.
17) I feel Coca Cola is the elixar of the gods
18) I am craving a baked potato with bacon bits and 3 cheese butter from the Keg Restaurant
19) I am not looking forward to another conference call this afternoon.
20) I feel that my stomach got bigger overnight!
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This was Beth's answer last weekend.....Ali012281

1. I am 23

2. I am cursed with hopelessly frizzy hair

3. I love indian food

4. I have traveled to: Hawaii, England (London), Amsterdam, Canada .. and I've SEEN the Mexico border...

5. I'm a 'old fassioned' country gal (not cut out for city night life at all)

6. I am an only child. I have 2 step sisters

7. I want to start a family in 2006

8. I only drink diet sodas, I can't stand all the sugars in regular

9. I was a girl scout when I was little

10. I LOVE to cook and try new recipes!

11. I hate math

12. I collect postage stamps

13. My fav. TV show is ER

14. I watch Sponge Bob Square Pants!

15. I love dusting but I hate wasthing the bathtub

16. I've never been stung by a bee

17. I hate spiders

18. I once accidentily dyed my hair orange

19. I love Yankee Candle

20. Here is something I won't even tell my husband: I miss Vermont.
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Originally Posted by adymarie
1) I can't wait until my last day of work before my maternity leave
2) I am terrified of labour
3) I really don't feel like working today
4) I have a sore throat
5) I have an extremely messy streak
6) I wear glasses
7) I wish I knew how to speak more languages
8) I really admire those who do cat rescues
9) I wish I had time to volunteer
10) I like nothing better then curling up with a fantasy book and a cat and tuning the world out
11) I am trying to curb my addiction to reality TV (used to watch every one and I have seriously cutback)
12) I hate being tired all the time
13) I resent that my mother seems to worry more about my sister and her children then about me
14) I worry about taking a year off with the baby and then fitting in back at work
15) I worry about going back to work after a year and putting the baby in child care
16) I worry about my mother in law's health and hope that she is still here for when the baby is born and can take an active part in his life.
17) I feel Coca Cola is the elixar of the gods
18) I am craving a baked potato with bacon bits and 3 cheese butter from the Keg Restaurant
19) I am not looking forward to another conference call this afternoon.
20) I feel that my stomach got bigger overnight!

LOL Adrienne, yours was funny! When is your due date?
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
LOL Adrienne, yours was funny! When is your due date?
Feb 6th. I leave work Jan 14 (5 weeks 2 days not counting today - not that I am counting or anything). I Canada we get 1 year mat leave.
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1. I'm the only person in my immediate family born in America...

2. My dad is from England, my mom was born in Peru. So I'm half Peruvian, half British, all American? Whatever, but I have dual citizenship... American and British.

3. I hate surprises.

4. I like to listen to/sing along with those pop songs on the radio.

5. I don't think I like fish - my dad was allergic so we never really ate it.

6. I used to be a vegeterian for about 2 and a half years - didn't work out too well because I'd eat things like a McDonald's hamburger, without the meat (imagine the look of suprise when I asked for that!).

7. I used to take Tae Kwon Do, made it halfway through to black belt, but I hated it - the boys used to beat me up.

8. I have a sweet tooth the size of my mouth - love Gobstoppers, Nerds, etc...

9. I went through several majors in college - Nursing, then Speech Communication, English, Journalism and finally ended up at Telecommunications.

10. I've had only one other boyfriend before my current one.

11. I used to be a HUGE X-Files fan... wanted to look like Scully when I "grew up".

12. People say I look like Rory from the Gilmore Girls... now people are starting to say I have her mannerisms too!

13. I'm scared of thunderstorms... I like rain, even heavy rain, but not thunderstorms.

14. I wish I wore glasses. Always have, always will - I think they'll make me look smarter.

15. I like to wear fun socks... yesterday's said Lucky in Love, todays are pink Argyle (spelling?).

16. I think I need to go to the dentist - but I'm scared to go!

17. I have a hard time falling asleep at night, takes me at least a half hour if not longer (unlike my boyfriend who falls asleep when his head touches the pillow).

18. I can type 90+ words per minute. (That explains why I reply so fast to emails/posts.)

19. I've traveled to England, Peru, Ireland, France, Wales, Mexico, Venezuela... but I've been to maybe 3 states in America.

20. This was hard to do!
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Okay, 20 things about me...Hmm...

1. I'm 30 years old.

2. I've lived in the same city my whole life.

3. I love pie.

4. I practiced law for 4 years, but I quit practice 6 and a half months ago because it was making me miserable.

5. I just started looking for a new job.

6. I'm getting married in October 2005.

7. I love Adam Sandler movies.

8. I write poetry and short stories.

9. When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist when I grew up.

10. I'm studying Spanish.

11. I get bad insomnia.

12. I like summer better than winter but...

13. ...my favorite holiday is Christmas.

14. People say I look like Patricia Heaton, who plays the wife on "Everybody Loves Raymond," but I just don't see it.

15. I have 11 first cousins.

16. I know all the words to Don McLeans's "American Pie" by heart.

17. I hate hate hate housework.

18. I've taken lessons on the flying trapeze.

19. I have a fear of flying in a plane, but it hasn't stopped me from travelling.

20. I take kickboxing classes at the gym.
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Let's see...

1. I'm 28
2. My computer hard drive crash last night.
3. I'm really thankful I bought the extended service plan.
4. I'm an only child
5. I detest being the center of attention.
6. I drink ocassionally but hate being around drunk people
7. I have a messy streak a mile wide, but
8. My kitchen has to be spotless
9. I hate wearing shoes; they are the first thing that come off when I hit the door.
10. I love cheesy eighties music.
11. I'm a Diet Coke addict
12. I am a SIMS addict. (I lost all my families when the hard drive crashed. )
13. I only have two papers left before I graduate
14. I drive a 2002 Buick Rendevous
15. I am a pack rat.
16. I'm an accountant, and I hate audits.
17. I am not a morning person
18. My food can't touch each other or I won't eat it.
19. I have been known to dip french fries in maple syrup.
20. I can't eat something salty without having something sweet afterwards.
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These are so interesting.....keep em coming guys!!
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Let's see what I can come up with (BTW - GREAT idea, Susie! )

1. I am 26

2. I love ALL animals and insects...spiders, too!

3. I used to run marathons

4. I have two 1 1/2 inch screws in my left knee

5. I miss my family in California (But like Beth, I try not to let me husband know, I do not want to make him feel bad)

6. I do not want to have children

7. I WILL have a horse someday

8. I am a "mutt" as far as my heritage, but I am very proud that I have a good amount of Native American in me

9. I love history...I am REALLY loving the UK because of all the history here...I can get so lost with my imagination picturing the way things were 500-1000 years ago and the people who lived here

10. I LOVE Indian and Greek food - yum!

11. I never thought I would be a militray wife...but I love it

12. Right now I would like to get a job mucking out stalls at a stable or teaching spin classes at the gym

13. I am a long distance cyclist...I participate in rides that are over 100 miles

14. I was a vegetarian for 7 years

15. I love living in England...

16. I am working on my Masters degree right now

17. I really enjoy cooking (yum!)

18. I do not mind being alone...in fact, I often prefer it

19. I have a fear of aliens (I know...totally sad) you know...the white ones with the big black eyes? Terrified of them. I also am terrified of ghosts. When Bri is out of town it is really bad. (but I love spiders and bugs, go figure)

20. I want to take photography lessons
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Originally Posted by Cyclesarah
7. I WILL have a horse someday
That's the attitude!
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Originally Posted by GrayKittenLove
12. I am a SIMS addict. (I lost all my families when the hard drive crashed. )
I used to LOVE Sims! And I know someone else on the boards that does too... Sorry your families got lost!
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1.- I´m Mexican by born
2.- I´m Accountand
3.- I´m Married
4.- I´m use to left my Goatie
5.- I like to listen music
6.- I´m proud member from TCS
7.- I like the White Cats
8.- I dont have baby´s for the moment
9.- I´m 36 Years old
10.- I like the Race championship of Formula 1
11.- I like to travel
12.- I don´t know Europe ( but I wish to know UK!)
13.- I hate the War!
14.- I´m a shame person
15.- I need to improvee my english
16.- I wish some day meet all team from TCS!!!!
17.- I like to much post only in TCS!
18.- I should to study another language!
19.- I wish to have a Spinx Cat or Russian Blue
20.- I like to swim
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1. I don't like tomato sauce

2. I didn't learn to draw, or do anything terribly artistic until I was in high school

3. I love to work on printing presses. I learned on an A.B. Dick 350 size one color press.

4. I collect sky Photography

5. I've been helping my dad fix cars since I was about 5

6. My natural haircolor is blonde, but I prefer it to be red.

7. I can read 7 languages with accuracy.

8. I can do film and photography lighting

9. I am nearsighted, with astigmatism

10. My father is Moslem, and my mother is Catholic

11. I have 3 tattoos, one of which slowly appeared from under the makeup on my shoulderblade at my wedding. (no pictures of that int he 17 pics)

12. My father did not know I had a tattoo until that time.

13. I have had one item since birth, called a Masala, Which the mother pins to the baby's back. the saying is "mothers watch the baby fromt he front, and allah watches from the back."

14. I wore this pinned on my right shoulder at my wedding

15. We will be getting our Turkish van some time soon, now.

16. I have never actually been to turkey, but I was in sarajevo when I was little.

17. I refuse to return because It's been demolished by the war.

18. I have had food poisoning 5 times

19. I Have ADD

20. English was not my first language, but I was born in the US.
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1. I'll turn 30 on Feb 28th
2. I'm a little scared of my birthday; but don't like to admit it.
3. I have three dogs and three cats
4. My husband is the most wonderful man on earth (he built me a cat sanctuary).
5. I am terrified of snakes (even the little 6 inch long ones)
6. I recently learned how to make a quilt.
7. I take medication for Panic attacks.
8. My mom is one of the prettiest women I know
9. Sometimes I don't like my step-son; and I feel guilty about it.
10. I can eat and eat and eat (it's a wonder I'm not 400 pounds)
11. I joined a healthclub on Monday (and spent wayyyy too much money)
12. I enjoy animals company much more than humans.
13. I've never seen a movie I didn't like.
14. I HATE to cook (I Loathe cooking)
15. I wish I could give more money to charities.
16. I will work with service dogs visiting nursing homes someday
17. I would like to adopt a child (more than I'd like to have my own)
18. I am an accountant and am very organized
19. I have a very high amount of debt.
20. I am supersticious.

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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
I used to LOVE Sims! And I know someone else on the boards that does too... Sorry your families got lost!
Have you tried the SIMS 2 - it is brilliant!

Sorry about the families.
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1. My brother disowned me when i left my husband (His loss!)

2. I get my hair cut every 5 weeks.

3. I hate kippers and butter beans

4. Anyone upsets me and i can be their worst enemy.

5. I love 70's music

6. I love sausages

7. I love to be independent

8. I own my own house

9. I love ironing( Yes i know!!!)

10. Even if i won the lottery i would still want to do my housework.

11. I love to people watch when i'm having a coffee anywhere.

12. I wear makeup every day for work, but love to take it off on an evening

13. I had my appendix out when i was 16

12. I love jet skis

13. I like to go abroard

14. I love to socialise with good friends

15. I can talk to anyone who strikes up a conversation

16. I dont like lending things out because the next thing you know is they forget, then you forget.

17. I like to give presents

18. Must have my toast and coffee in the morning!

19. I always go for regular checkups at the dentist.

20. My favourite alcohol drink is rose wine.
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1) I have two cats that chatter at birds, Twig and Rocket.
2) I couldn't tell you the true color of my hair since I've been dying it since I was 18
3) my hair hasn't grown an inch since my wedding 5 months ago( it's true I compared pictures and I haven't had it cut since then, and it's the same length)
4) I don't want to go back to work tomorrow, I like being a homebody.(last vacation day )
5) I'm overly protective of my cats.(is that bad?)
6) I have one older sister and no brothers
7) I never cook, only Brad does.( I'd have to call 911 before I tried to, I can't even cook hotdogs unless I nuke them)
8) I collect unicorns and cats
9) I don't eat pork of beef (Gross!)
10) I have Epilepsy and have had it since I was 30( I'll be 36 at the end of the year)
11)I hate germs. I freak if I have to use the bathroom at work and will try to hold it the whole 9 hours I'm there.(it's a public toilet)
12)I have to buy extra of things just so I have them, I get nervous if I get low and i don't have a spare one, like one extra hairspray, or laundry detergent, or contact solution, or toilet paper, things like that.
13) I can't sleep if there's any light in the room.
14)My favorite food is Oreos.
15) I hate shoes. I have everyone take them off in the kitchen. I won't wear them unless I have to.( it's the country in me I guess )
16) I've never met my real father
17) I'm afraid of traveling
18) I'm afraid of loud noises( thunder, fireworks)
19) My family is scattered all over the US, (Ohio, Texas, New York.)
20)I'm a TCS addict!
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1. I LOVE the Sims too. I got the Sims2, and when I lost it, I cried.
2. I talk to my cats about my problems sometimes
3. My mom signs my cats' names on my birthday cards. (I LOVE that )
4. Mom came to "observe" my Math class to make sure I was doing okay. (It was sweet, but humiliating)
5. I don't like music (Am I weird, or what?)
6. I hate coffee, but I love Frapachinos]
7. My favorite wild animal is a dolphin
8. I want nothing more then to be a little kid again!
9. When I'm VERY bored, I still play Barbies with my sister.

Those are the only ones right now.
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1. My birthday is coming soon, and I'll be 57
2. I renewed my driver's license this morning, and corrected my hair colour from "blonde", which I've never been even artificially (long LONG ago I was "mousey" ), to "white" and had a neat conversation with the clerk about Mother Nature's way
3. I had macaroni and meat sauce from the cafeteria for lunch -- it was good.
4. I have one brother, 8 years older than me
5. I have no human kids of my own, one stepson, seven nieces, two nephews, and a whole mess of great-nieces and -nephews
6. I have three furkids: Suzy is five years old, a prissy little martyr; Fawn and Cindy are 3 and a half, littermates, nutcase and mushpot, respectively.
7. I love to cook -- it is one of my major recreations; recipes are good, and an excellent place to get ideas, but I have most fun cooking by the seat of my pants, and making something interesting out of a mess of leftovers.
8. I love music, especially I love to sing, and have been in various choirs for over 40 years. That's another of my major recreations.
9. Rob and I met in one of those choirs almost 30 years ago and are still in it.
10. I used to knit and sew, but haven't for many years, because I don't have time.
11. I work at a small theological college and have done so for almost 25 years, originally as a secretary, but now in Student Records.
12. I converted a totally manual records system to computer and have reworked that system almost from scratch twice, due to necessary software changes.
13. I love words, and would love to write more than I do, but don't seem to get the necessary inspiration very often.
14. I enjoy photography, but will never be a serious photographer, because I do well enough for my own casual purposes that I'll never have the patience to learn anything more than I need to know to make the most of my digital camera.
15. I don't make friends easily, but I am a loyal friend, and when occasionally what I thought was a good friendship falls off the rails, it takes a while for me to gather up the pieces and pull myself back together.
16. I grew up in Montreal, and never expected to live anywhere else until the guy I was working for moved to Vancouver and offered me a job here.
17. I never minded the snow when I lived there, but you can keep it now
18. I have not travelled a lot, but if I ever win the big one, there are many places I'd love to visit -- first of all England, where my roots are, and some family still, and where Rob and I will spend a most glorious time on an extended "Cathedral Crawl".
19. I never in a million years imagined I'd think of enough things to say about myself to fill the twenty slots!
20. "My name is Fran and I am a TCS Addict"
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1. I'm the only American born in my family.

2. I have 2 sisters and one brother.

3. My mother is from Nicaragua and my father is from Costa Rica

4. I hate my middle name (Argentina)

5. My mother ran out names and named all of her daughters Maria but with different middle names. (ugly ones, Consuelo, Auxiliadora and Argentina)

6. I started to watched sports when I was four years old.

7. I have 3 tattoo's and my father doesn't know, I got them when I was 19 I am 24 now.

8. I was not allowed to have a boyfriend or talked to guys on the phone, I was not allowed to go out either. My father is strict.

9. When I had a boyfriend I never told my dad, I still don't do it and I'm 24.

10. I hate lighting, I live on the lighting capital of the world.

11. I hate flying, ever since I was little I had dreams of plane crashing.

12. I don't travel at all, I've only gone to Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville.

13. I haven't listen to fm radio in years, my radio is always on am. I love to listen to sports radio talk.

14. My favorite animal is Dolphins.

15. I hate math

16. I hate my brother's wife. She doesn't like us (for not reason) and she doesn't let my brother visit us.

17. I watched a lot of Spanish soaps.

18. I don't watch comedy shows and I hate reality shows.

19. I have never seen snow.

20. My entire family has travel to their country except me. I don't think I will ever visit.
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1. I am 49 1/2 (hehehhe) years old;

2. I have one younger brother, a sister-in-law and an 11 yr old niece who is my god-daughter; a 32 year old step-daughter; a step-granddaughter (8) and a step-grandson (6)

3. I have always lived in a multi-cat household; we have 5 now - Tristan, Abbie, Freija, Lion and Bear and moved south with six - 15 year old Kirsty died 6 weeks after we arrived;

4. I got married for the first time in June 2004, immigrated to the US from Canada, and am waiting for approval of my application to become a permanent resident;

5. I met my husband Joe on line through a internet spiritual group to which we both belong;

6. I love to bake home-made bread - by hand - although I often break down and use the bread-machine;

7. I have illustrated a number of books, mainly on horses;

8. I had my own horse from the day she was born when I was 14 to the day she died when she was 28 years old;

9. I graduated from Queen's University with an Hons B.A. in Classical Studies

10. My 1st car was a green and rust 1970 Ford Galaxie 500 that I bought for $100 and named "Nessie" after the Loch Ness monster;

11. I competed in the 1983 World Windsurfing Championships - and finished near the bottom of the fleet- but I finished!;

12. I used to dress my pet cats up in doll clothes when I was 3 years old - and not only did they let me, they kept coming back for more!

13. My zodiac sign is Gemini, with Aquarius rising;

14. Even though I now have my employment authorization and am allowed to work in the US, I really, really really enjoy staying at home:-) and still haven't run out of things to do;

15. One of my favourite hobbies is living history - re-enacting the War of 1812, living and dressing as they did in Colonial America - and sew all my period clothing by hand, but I can't knit or crochet to save my life;

16. I worked as a Museum professional for more than 25 years, including being Museum Curator for 2 Municipalities;

17. I am an adult-onset insulin-dependent diabetic - for almost 12 years now - with no complications (yay!);

18. I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old for extreme near-sightedness;

19. I love living in Georgia and am really looking forward to a winter without snowboots and parkas and scraping ice off of car windshields and waiting for the snowplough so I can shovel out the driveway - again!

20. I decorate with books - when Joe and I got married we needed to buy 6 more big bookshelves to accommodate my books - and he had at least the same amount already:-).

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Here here it goes!!

1. I love chocolate

2. I just got my hair dyed brown(and i love it!! although it is kind of a shock because i have always been a NATURAL.. and yes, im truely a blonde in more than one way..guess i was tryin to cover some of it up.. hehe)

3. I loved my secret santa gifts... and so did the girls

4. I have one brother, Skyler. and 3 Step things.. Niki, Dusty, and Michaela.. only claim Dusty..

5. I am really afraid of... nappy hair... lol, i think its soo gross..

6. Orie is a VERY bad cat.. she has been doing her duty on my clothing..

7. Lena is my angel! She is a cuddle bug!

8. I am desperatly wanting a Nintendo DS... yet they are sold out... EVERYWHERE... and, it makes me want to cry..

9. I want to go shopping

10. I am over joyed that TCS is back up.. although i have to start over w/ my posts.. its alright.. all worth while..

11. I just ate 3 chicken littles, sm. pot wedge, and drank a water from KFC.. *yummy*

12. I want a new purse... but whats new.. i have to get a new one every couple months!

13. I have the most adorable puppy... (she is new! shes a sheltie... sable colored... her name is Tess.. and she loves me so much she follows me all around the house..)

14. I am getting a new bed for Christmas

15. My mommy has been working late so i dont get to see her more than an hour a night before she goes to bed

16. I have class in a half hour...

17. I think that is cute!!

18. One of my brothers friends told me he really likes me... like a month ago..(long crazy story... but you should all feel special that i told you!)

19. I have a crazy stalker... she thinks that i like her x/bf.. so she wants to beat me up.. although I AM ENGAGED

20. I am staying at my grandpa's house tonite!

lol.. hope that i didnt bore you too much.. buh bye!!
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Originally Posted by lenaorie
3. I loved my secret santa gifts... and so did the girls
That was me! Yay I'm glad you and the girls liked it!

Congrats on the new puppy... and are you planning on putting up more pics of the girls?

Oh and welcome back!
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its my turn now

1. I'm 18

2. Ive been together with my bf for 1 1/2 yrs now.

3. i want to have a child at 20 or 22

4. I do homeschooling.

5. I speak 3 languages, English, Italian, German.. i understand it so well just i cant speak it! and signlanguage the english one.. so thats 4 i guess!

6. My parents are both deaf

7. Im an only child

8. My mothers scottish, My dads Italian and i was born in london.

9. The countries ive been to are.. England, scotland, france, italy, austria, switzerland, germany, denmark, estonia, sweden, russia, visby (part of sweden i think) and australia. In australia i was in QLD, NSW, VIC, and SA.
For stop offs but didnt look around was, Singapore, Bangkok, and Dubai.

10. I have had more than 50 cats in my life time.

11. I am moving out soon

12. I am trying to grow cat grass but its not working.

13. I love to drink black tea with milk.

14. I love the smell of coffee but i dont like to drink it so much unless its Nescafe.

15. I made Potato salad for the first time today... but i dont like mayonaise!

16. I love potatoes with butter.

17. I dont eat chocolate only once a month or once every 3 months.

18. I DONT SMOKE! i rarely drink, and do not do drugs. i dispise those people who take drugs.

19. My room is the prettiest in this house although its in a mess

20. I have a fish tank but still no fish.. i went to the pet store today but i got there too late
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Susie - I love this thread and reading everyone's responses is fun!!!

I'm afraid my life isn't very interesting but here goes...

1. Next June is my 25th anniversary (if he's lucky but he's pushing it).

2. I had a Keeshond puppy that I loved to death. She was almost 17 when she died. Her name was Sabrina.

3. I love to travel but I'm afraid to fly. To be totally honest, I panic a bit when I travel by car, too , because I'm leaving my kitties behind. I call my parents to check on them every night when I'm away.

4. I am scared to death of storms.

5. I love Peppermint Patties and Jr. Mints.

6. I live about a mile from where I was raised.

7. I am going to my Mom's graduation next weekend. She is getting her Master's Degree at age 62 (has taken night classes forever).

8. I have been in the mortgage business for over 23 years.

9. I love to carve pumpkins

10. My fave sport is downhill skiing but I live in Indiana and DH doesn't ski.

11. I love, love, love bubble baths!!

12. I have done almost all my Christmas shopping online this year.

13. When I was little I wanted and believed I could turn into a mermaid.

14. I am pretty outspoken and my mouth gets me into trouble sometimes. No - wait a minute - make that alot.

15. I love old movies. Wuthering Heights is one of my favorites

16. I have a jammie thing. I collect PJs like many ladies collect shoes.

17. My mom had to be guarded about my TV shows when I was young. My pediatrician (spelling) told my my Mom I could no longer watch "animal" based shows like Sounder, Bambi, Thomasina because I would get hysterical when something happened to the animals.

18. I am the only person I know that cried at "Lilo and Stitch" when Stitch was "all alone" in the forest.

19. I am happiest around a body of water - lake, river, ocean, Great Lake.

20, I need glasses to read, but I'm to vain to go buy a pair, so I have everyone read everything for me
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1. I dont like alot of breakfast foods, so it is not unusual for me to make sandwhiches or chicken, etc for 8am breakfast

2. my favorite tv show is 'House' on Fox... you cant get me to talk during it

3. I married at 18 yrs old (2 yrs ago on the 27th of dec)

4. my hair is naturally curly, i have to straighten it (it is to thick and heavy to be nice curly)

5. I have a little brother who is 16, and gets EVERYTHING!

6. Sara is the first animal i have had since i moved out of my parents, before then i always had at least 3 cats and 1 or 2 dogs

7. There are candles EVERYWHERE in my house, i looove them!

8. I have never broken any bone, ever (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!)

9. I collect WTC stuff... i have a big black and white pic from IKEA all lit up in my living room, i have a small crystal 3-d cube thing(hard to explain) among other things

10. I dont like to cook, and rarley do(my poor husband) but when i do, i cook some mean meals

11. i HATE messes that can be avoided(like dripping water on the floor, getting crumbs all over the table, laundry scattered across the house, etc)

12. I love to decorate

13. I played softball my entire youth and would have kept going to play in college had i not thrown my arm out

14. The two household chorse i like are vacuuming and folding towels

15. I drive a 2001 pontiac sunfire/fixing to be upgraded in march to a 2004 pontiac grand prix!!!

16. i get irritated super duper easily(especially with stupidness, indecisiveness, and ignorance, and slow drivers) and i am a really big b*tch when i am

17. I should have glasses, but i hate to wear them, i cant see at night especially...

18. I am obsessed with surgery shows and stuff like that on TLC(maybe thats because i will be a surgeon by the time i am done with school!!)

19. I listen primarily to hiphop/rap/r&b music, but my all time favorite singer is George Straight

20. Horses are my favorite animal(dont tell sara)... i hope to own a few oneday.
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1. I love the winter and snow
2. I love cloudy days
3. I never wanted children
4. I never wanted to get married and have a big wedding
5. I have ADD (never diagnosed but i'm sure i do)
6. I get bored VERY easily
7. I love Sash more than I ever imagined I could love something
8. I love to people watch
9. I love NYC
10. I enjoy doing interior design, which I do occasionally and also work
as a secretary at a local law firm office.
11. I love to eat, but hate to cook
12. I'm a vegetarian
13. I've been with the most wonderful man for over 15 years now
14. I'm an animal rights activist
15. I'm very happy doing things by myself
16. I don't like tv much
17. I don't like expensive stuff
18. I'm very organized and quite a perfecionist
19. I don't like to travel
20. I LOVE cats
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you know what.. i could do a 20.. or maybe 40 more.. lol, i guess im not as boring as i though...

i will post more pics of the girls ASAP... we have been having a time w/ the camera.. it just started working again today.. and i didnt really have time to take pictures of the girls.. plus i am VERY angry at Orie... she decided to climb the tree... along w/ going potty on my clothing... which is irritating.. i have been cleaning the litter EVERY day... and she has slowd down a little bit.. i think she just is mad at me for spanking her for running outside and loving on the outside cats...
I just dont want any babies.. and.. she is going to be fixed in a month... when i get the money.. soo, she needs to know her place is in the house... lol..
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1. I bore easily

2. I am painfully shy around others until I have known them a long time

3. I have a huge mean streak

4. I am moody all the time and have no patience

5. Dan cooks me dinner all the time because I don't like to

6. I love Storms

7. I hate rain

8. I have a huge collection of native american stuff

9. My dad was military

10. My husband was military

11. I hate wearing shoes and they come off as soon as they can

12. I used to be a neat freak but now I think I am turning into a slob

13. I want children but are unable to have them so I have furbabies instead

14. I like to read

15. I like to take care of people

16. I get frustrated easily

17. I am a true friend and would do anything for anyone I care about

18. I hold grudges

19. I love animals of all types

20. I am going to be the old lady who lives alone with a bunch of cats
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