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thinking of you koko puff

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aug 1987 _ july 17th 2003

koko puff just wanted to let you know im thinking of you this will be my first christmas in 16 years with out you you maybe gone but not for gotten your in my heart and always will be

Alot of you out there really helped me with the passing of koko puff and i wanted to say thank you again for all your support you gave me


This is koko memorial if you would like to visit her im sure she playing right now in the the medows or might be laying in th sun she always loved to lay in the window

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oh gosh Rhonda that memorial brought tears to my eyes - what a beautiful tribute to koko puff - and she certainly was beautiful

I know that she is watching over you Rhonda during this first christmas that you are apart - and you of course know we are always here for you

RIP sweet koko play and enjoy the RB
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Oh no, my thoughts with you....
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They always stay with us, just not where we can reach out and touch them (although they're still able to reach out and touch us). Sounds like Koko Puff had a great and long life with you. Somehow things just never get back to "normal" after they leave, do they?
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RIP sweet Koko Puff~
That was beautiful, she will be waiting for you, until then she is watching over you and knows your love.
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I am sorry for your loss - it is such a hard time of year for remembering lost friends. Remember with love
Thinking of you - take care
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Dear Rhonda, I don't know if I was a member when you lost Koko Puff or not but I am crying now as I read your post. This will be my first Christmas without Butch in 17 years so I know just what you mean. Hugs......
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