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kitty chiropractor?

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My poor Samantha had some kind of accident when i moved to my new house. She started to urinate and poop all over. We took her to the vet and he treated her for a urinary tract infection. After a week the bad smell was gone but she was still not able to control her bladder. We took her back and the doctor told us that she probobly broke her back since her tail didn't seem to work and she didn't seem to have sensation directly on her bottom. They didn't x-ray her or do any thing but to tell me that I should wait 4 weeks and see if she could retain control of her bladder and if she did he would cut off her tail, other wise we would have to put her to sleep. I am haveing a hard time with this. She is very healthy in every other way. She is a very loving cat and we are upset and hope that someone might know of some other help. I wonderd that mabey she had a pinched nerve that could be helped by some kind of chiropractic means. I don't even know if such a thing exists. I would apreciate any advice. Samantha shouldn't have to die. She is a good girl and we love her very much!
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I'm sorry, but I do believe you should go to another vet. I wouldn't want to wait 4 weeks if my cat has a broken back, the vet should have taken x rays. If you have access to a animal chiropractor they would take xrays before starting manipulating her & I hear that the animal chiropractors can be very good & helpful. I wish you the best with Samantha, please do not have her put to sleep without another opinion.
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I too think you should seek another vet. That did not sound like they gave any answers or options. I am not familiar with the spine but I do know that people have cats that have lost bladder control. If it may be a long term case, if you are willing to help her then there is no reason to put her to sleep. Maybe do some research and call vets on Monday. I would ask what experience the veterinarians on staff have with spinal injury.
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