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I lost my Chelsea Today

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She was 5 months old. I took her in to be spayed at the Local Animal Welfare Leagues Clinic and she had a reaction to the sedative they give post-op. They tried to revive her but couldnt get her back.

I have lost 3 cats within the past year. First my Samantha who died at age 14 of liver failure on August 6th 2003, then my Garfield, who was crushed to death inside a lazy-boy sofa recliner this past September 6th 2004 and now i loose my Baby Chelsea.

I am so heartbroken i dont know what to do. My deaf cat Precious is searching the house for Chelsea, they were inseperable, and i dont know how to comfort her. The Shelter gave me a new kitten at no charge, we havent named him yet, but i cant introduce him to precious until he is tested for FELV tomorrow or Thursday. (the clinic ran out of the test and had to order more). Although he is a very cute and loving kitten, i find myself reluctant to get attached to him out of fear ill lose him too.

Am i cursed?? Why is God punishing me?? First he takes my ability to conceive children of my own then he robs me of the only "Children" im capable of having.

Sorry if im ranting like a lunatic, but i cant bear this pain. Its been one thing after another and i just cant take anymore. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Oh, Jenn, tears run down my face as I type this. My heart aches for you tonight, your heart must be absolutely shattered. How could one person possibly endure such loss and pain? I'm so very sorry your sweet Chelsea was taken from you so suddenly. This is an incredible shock when you were doing the very best thing for her. This after you have just tragically lost your baby Garfield and were still mourning the passing of your lifelong baby Samantha. I'm just so sorry. If you feel like talking to a friend, I'm right here for you any time at all.
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God doesn't need to punish us, we seem to do that job really well ourselves.

You were just a victim of circumstances, unfortunate and tragic though they were. With any surgery even a routine spay comes risk. I don't know if the vet offered to do bloodwork prior to the spay, but most of the vets will do that just so they have some sort of security that there is no underlying issue with the cat.

When you get the second kitten, it would be best if you keep them separate for awhile, even after a vet check. Oftentimes the cat left behind will look at the newcomer like they are the reason their friend was taken, and fighting can get pretty intense.

I am sorry for your unexpected loss. I hope in time you can make peace within your soul~
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Venting makes people feel better. I'm sorry for all your losses, I've had the same luck with humans in the past three years, but that's a whole different story. I fully understand how it is to loose your babies. Someone told me recently that our Creator only gives us what we can handle, and while I was crushed with heartbreak and anger, and dispair, and pain, and I didn't believe them. It was a few days before I even wanted to think about healing, but I did, and I feel better now, but it still hurts.

I would be absolutely crushed to loose one of my girls (I can't bare human babies, but I have my felines ). I feel for you. My goes out to you.

I understand your pain, and I will be thinking of you.
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I am so sorry. What a truly dreadful thing to have happened. When you lose an old cat, it's heartbreaking, but at least you know it's the natural order of things and it's had a wonderful life with you. To lose a healthy kitten enjoying its vitality and youth when you are looking forward to a lifetime of companionship must be devastating. At least she was sedated and didn't know what was happening, though it's not much consolation, I know.

This has made me nervous for my own kittens. I have two babies of about 5 months old (lost count!) who will need neutering sometime in the New Year. I shall be so worried now while they are there.

I'm not sure the Shelter have done the right thing in giving you a new kitten straight away. I know they meant well, but perhaps you needed time to grieve for your kitten before being ready to welcome another one into your heart. I am one of those people who has to rush out when I lose one and start organising another adoption, it's the way I cope with it, I need something to "look after." Having a date set for bringing home a new cat gives us something positive to look forward to while we are still grieving. But I've always given myself and my family two or three weeks to adjust to a loss. Some people, I know, have to wait months. It's a personal thing. I told my children last time that it's not fair to get another kitten that needs love and fun when you are still sad about the one you have lost. I have lost two cats within the last year, one to kidney failure, the other died suddenly (and unexpectedly) at the vet (without me) when she was in there being treated for what the vet thought was a tummy bug, but turned out to be acute, and fatal, pancreatitis. But they were both 14, which is easier to accept.

I know your new kitten will have a wonderful home though, and will wriggle his way into your affections, as babies have a way of doing.

Take care, Jan, Raffles, Rosso & Bruno.
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oh sweetheart how my heart aches for you during this time I could only imagine how you are feeling right now - but please know that we are all here should you want to talk
I know words can not take away any of the pain that you are feeling right now, I wish I would say those magic words to help but know that Samantha, Garfield & Chelsea are all watching over you from the Rainbow bridge - loving you with everything they have

you were their angels here on earth and now they are your angels from above

RIP sweet Chelsea and of course Garfield & Samantha
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I can add nothing to the above xcept you are in my thoughts at this sad time.
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I am very sorry this has happened to you.
I was grieving when i lost 11 of my cats in just one night because some ***************************** came and poisoned them.
all these stars are bad words of anger towards those people who dont like cats and thought it would be funny. in a matter of 4 years i lost about 20 - 30 cats. Some were lucky to be given away, some were so young and got hit by cars, some we had to leave behind because of moving.
It took my parents 3 years to get over the loss. They vowed to never get cats again untill they settle in their pension. I couldnt bear it anymore so i went out and got my own kitten for my own life and ive learnt alot from it.
My dad isnt getting attached to the kitten, he will only pet it if its around him but he wont play with it. My mother tries not to get close to it but she cant resist him.
I bought a rabbit a year and a half ago, they seem to be attached to her because we have never had a rabbit before.
I am grieving with you.
I often look at my cat pictures and cry but i know its time to move on.
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I am so so very sorry about Chelsea - there are no words that can ease the pain you are going through. (((((((Jenn))))). There are so many here, though, who are sending you their love and their prayers as you go through this sorrow.

I nearly lost my Abbie exactly the same way - she had an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic during her spay and it was only because of the quick actions of the vet that she survived - they honestly didn't think that she would make it. On the final check before they left for the night they noticed that her wounds were seeping. Concerned for a leaking stitch they went back in and found out that her liver was spontaneously oozing blood even though it was no where near the surgery site - it was an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic. All they could do was pack it tightly and wrap her even more tightly to try and exert pressure on the bleeding. The vet even took Abbie home with her that night so she could keep on eye on her overnight. She didn't expect her to make it through the night - but she did. She was on the very lucky ones. Her full sister came through surgery with no problems at all.

Cuddle and reassure Precious, and find the comfort the two of you need right now with each other. God isn't punishing you, even though it is very unfair. You will be safe to open your heart and find love again for a new kitten who needs you too.
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Oh Jenn. I am so sorry for your recent losses. My jaw dropped when I read about the way poor Garfield went and poor baby chelsea and your lifelong furfriend Samantha.

Its understandable how you are reluctant to become attached to a new kitten. It must be difficult to be handed a new pet by the shelter. While a new kitten is fun it doesn't fill the hole that is made from the lost. I am sure chelsea is looking down from RB with Garfield and Samantha. Sometimes our little furangels are taken too soon from us.
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"In the midst of life we are in death;
from whom can we seek help?"

What you've been going through seem greatly unfair. You have been put through so much these past few months. I know you're asking yourself how much more you can possibly bear.

I like to think that everything, absolutely everything, happens for a reason. Unfortunately, most of the time we never learn what that reason is. When the events are so heartbreaking and tragic it is so very easy to become overwhelmed with the question "WHY?!"

If there was an easy "fix" then the world would be a more relaxed place to live, I think. Please, try not to loose your faith. Embrace the new life in your home with love. Only time can heal the deep pain you feel today. You'll never fully recover. Grief always stays, but just in smaller and smaller places in our hearts.
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I'm so so sorry. You've been an unfortunate victim of some very freakish events and it's not fair. I know I probably cannot ever understand the depth of your pain but please know I'm thinking of you and praying for you to stay strong through these difficult times.

A friend of mine (who I think borrows this from C.S. Lewis) says that when a beloved companion dies it lives a hole in the heart that can never be filled, but when we make new friends or become attached to new people or animals, we realize that the heart is much bigger than we ever knew it was because we find there is ample room in the heart for these new loved ones.

You have so much love to give. Don't give up on yourself.
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I'm so sorry Jenn.

There's nothing to say when so much loss is put on one heart. I feel for you, deeply.
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Oh how I feel for you! I cannot imagine anything worse than losing three so tragicaly like that. I do hope your souls are healed soon.
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All I can add is that my heart hurts for you today. What a sad time for you.
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Oh Jenn, you poor dear. I feel so bad for your losses. Please don't think God is punishing you. Thank you for making the lives of these kitties special. You loved them and took great care of them. May God bless you, the lives of Precious, your new kitten, and any future cats you will love.
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So sorry to hear that, My prayers with you...
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I'm sorry always seems so little...
We can always ask why but it is unfair to you, why is a question that you won't get an answer for, these precious souls were given to you for a reason. You may never know that reason, but there is one. You were able to love them and they left this world knowing that, they wait for you now at RB. Please don't lose faith~
I am here to talk anytime you need
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Dear Jen, I was totally in shock and grief to lose Butch, I can hardly imagine how it would be to lose three, and so close together as well, but I don't believe that a loving God is punishing you. You are a victim of circumstances, as lame as it sounds, and I hope that you can find peace and in time find love for your new kitten. Hugs to you in your time of grief.
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