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NYC Rescue Kitty

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A group of us did a TNR project in Queens, New York, and this is one of the cats who was too irresistable to return. She's being socialized at the home of one of our volunteers right now - hopefully this kitty's youth and temperament will help her successfully become a housecat.
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aww... she's so fluffy and cute! she looks like she could use a hug!
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Aww she's so beautiful.
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Oh, she's so beautiful! Is she a Maine Coon?
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She is stunning!! I sure hope she finds her forever home, she's too pretty not too.
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awww shes beautiful
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Awwww... she's beautiful. She reminds me of my Molly (baby photos below). I think Molly has some Maine Coon in her, too.

I don't have many baby photos of my girls so sorry for those of you who've seen these umpteen times.
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Thanks, everyone - we all think she's adorable and hope to find a good home for her. Her mother (TNR'd at the same time) is a shorthair, but her father was a vagabond Maine Coon. SnowLeop, your Molly looks like she's got the Maine Coon straining to burst through the shorthair, like a proto-Maine Coon. She looks so delightful and precious cavorting on the bed in your 2nd pic. <img>

Here's a close-in headshot - sorry she looks so scared, but these pics were taken only 2 days after she was trapped - note her tipped left ear:
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oh yes she is gorgeous isnt she good luck in finding her a forever home

bless you for all the work you do with TNR - how many did you succeed in trapping in this latest venture?
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shes so pretty
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