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Need lots of Prayers for sick little kitten!

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Hey everyone. Sorry to bother everyone but I have a little kitten who is in desperate need of prayers.

I just got home from the vet school emergency room where he has to stay the rest of the night. His name is Jay and he is 8 weeks old. He started having problems this morning and I took him to the vet. He was severely hypoglycemic (sp?). They did some work on him and lots of tests. He has ear mites, coccidia, round worms, is dehydrated, hypoglycemic and anemic from fleas. This little boy is not in good shape.

He came home and I checked on him around 8 and he was having convulsions. We rushed to the emergency clinic up the street and the vet there is just awful. I didnt have my purse and had come in my neighbors car and she refused to do anything to help him till she had a deposit even though they have seen me before (over $5000 of treatment in the last 2 years)and know i'm good for it. Then she basically said that there was no point in doing anything because he wasnt going to make it and I would just be wasting my money. I had to leave him there and called my vet as soon as I got home.

She called the vet school and i went and picked him up and took him there. He got worse in the car and so i was getting some karo syrup in him. He is covered in it and so am i am my purse and car. They are trying their hardest and are trying to be really positive about him even though they know his chances arent good.

I'm really sorry to ramble but i do that when i'm upset. Not only do i have 2 finals and a paper due tomorrow but i am so worried about him and cant stop crying. i'm so scared hes not going to make it. Please say a prayer for jay tonight and that he is strong enough for the fight. thanks.
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sending lots and lots of thoughts out to you & Jay - stay strong little boy - there are many people fighting for you

keep us updated on his progress
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lots of prayers, coming your way!
please keep us updated on how little Jay is doing!
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Oh dear, I'm praying for Jay. He is in very good hands, although, it is so understandable why you're feeling upset. Please try to relax, I know it's difficult to do. Please let us know how he is feeling.
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Well, he is at the right place. Hope he makes it. Bless you for taking such good care of him. Becky
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I'll be praying for him.
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Oh I'm sorry Becky I hope Jay is ok
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thank you everyone. it means alot to have your prayers.

i really think i am going out of my mind over here. i am headed back to the vet with another cat who has been doing great. she just came from her foster home to be put up for adoptions. i got back and she is throwing up and there is a clear worm like thing in her vomit.

i just dont know what is going on. and finals week of all times.
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Gosh not a good day for you! Hopefully this is just a bad case of worms and nothing else.. thinking about you and your kitties in their illnesses. I hope everything is ok..
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ooh Pal.... Little jay will be in my thoughts and prayers in hopes that he makes a smooth recovery
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You're in my thoughts and prayers. You'll make it through, I promise. As for finals, should you need to miss them, just tell your instructors that there was a medical emergengy, and you need to take them at their earliest convenience. They don't have to know it was a feline emergency...

You might even call them tonight, to let them know if you can't make it in the morning. That may help pave the way.

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Thanks again everyone

I think i've finally cried myself out and the panic over all of this is over. Sassy is fine. She just had the most expensive treatment for round worms ($120.00) but she is going to be fine. The blood in her vomit was from upset from the worms. She got a shot for nausea and dewormer. Shes gonna be fine. Just an expensive kitty now. I felt so rediculous for wasting their time over a round worm but as they pointed out better safe than sorry, especially after everything else tonight.

Jay is stable. He really looks awful to me but they say he is doing better. The fluids are helping and he perked up a bit. When I got there and got to see him he was sleeping. I told him how everyone was praying for him and that he would get better soon. I hope he heard me. The Dr, students and all the other staff there are so nice and very encouraging. I will get to pick him up at 730 and he goes straight to the regular vet that is 5 minutes away. Hopefully that will go well.

As for finals i'm not even worrying about them anymore. My mother is being very supportive even though she is 500 miles away. "Life is more important to us than a microbiology final or grades" I couldnt agree more. I wont be taking my first exam because of moving Jay to the vet. I'm email him about it and either way it doesnt really matter to me. If i get to take it great but if not thats fine too because Jay is what matters in the long run not if i pass a class. Thanks again for all of your kind thoughts and prayers. I know that they make all the difference. I will let ya'll know how things go tomorrow with my little guy.
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Oh, what a relief! Thank you so much for this update! I am continuing to pray for this precious little one! Please keep us updated!
You and your Mom must have such a wonderful relationship! That is such an understanding thing for her to say! I know you will do great on your exam!
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oh thankyou so much for the update - glad to hear Sassy is doing fine - and it sounds so positive for little Jay

good luck for your exams - take a deep breath - but it sounds to me as you have a great attitude... please continue to let Jay know that we are thinking of him - I am positive he can hear you
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Take an old tee shirt and sleep in it tonight, and then in the morning take it to the vets office and ask them to leave it in Jay's cage for him. He sounds like a really sick little kitty. I hope he can pull through.
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dawnofsierra- my mother is a wonderful woman. i dont know what i would do without her! she has been so supportive of me wanting to do rescue work and knows that i really do not enjoy school. she is just like i am with animals (she has 11 of her own-all but one rescue). she will actually be coming up this next week to help me deal with all of this and to take care of the animals so i can have a break

hissy that is a wonderful idea. i hadnt thought of doing that. i probably wont take anything that smells like me though. i have only had jay for a couple of days and he is still quite scared of people or well me since i am the only person he knows. i think i'm going to put a little blanket in with his sister though and take that in for him. so then at least its a smell that he knows and loves.

i will definitely keep reminding him that everyone is pulling for him and keeping him in their prayers. thanks again. goodnight, or well morning.
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Oh ,Honey.. I hope things go well with him.. I'm so sorry. We're sending you some local prayers
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Originally Posted by palisades
As for finals i'm not even worrying about them anymore. My mother is being very supportive even though she is 500 miles away. "Life is more important to us than a microbiology final or grades" I couldnt agree more.
Wow, you two have such great big hearts!

Just caught up on this thread and wanted to let you know that you and Jay are in my thoughts and prayers!
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I am so proud of you for helping this kitty!
All the best!!
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I just caught this thread and you are wonderful to be doing so much for your kitties. I'm keeping my fingers (and everything else) crossed for little Jay. Please let us know as soon as you can how he is doing.
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Poor little Jay. That's so much for a tiny kitty to have to endure. I hope he's okay I'm sending healing thoughts his way.
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update on jay.

well the move back to the regular vet went very nicely. he is still not wanting to eat on his own so he is on an iv with dextrose (sp?). he isnt as anemic. the vet actually said his blood counts look good today and he probably wont need a transfusion. they had talked about it last night.

his blood sugar is getting higher but still not great it was 32 last they checked. they think its possible he has something wrong with his kidneys and everything isnt being processed right. they also detected a heart murmur but it isnt bad.

his temp is back up to around 98-99 which they said was good for a kitten his age. he is still getting cage warmers.

i did take in a blanket and toys his sister played with last night. i think that helped a little. i pick him up in 2 hours to take him back the the emergency clinic. i think it has helped a lot having people with him that actually care and are positive about him getting better. hes still got quite a ways to go but the Dr. mentioned how much of a fighter jay is and that he is really hanging in there and not giving up on living. he also got a bath and is no longer covered in karo syrup. (when i went in to visit him there was a new tech. she wanted to "prepare" me for what he looked like and was like "i dont know if you have seen him since he came in but he was given karo syrup and is covered in it" i just looked at her and was like "yeah that was me. i made him sticky") for some reason it just made me laugh. thanks again everyone. i'll tell him hello from you all when i get him tonight.
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Good news to hear!!! Come on Jay~ Everyone here is looking forward to hearing stories about naughty adventures!!!!
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oh lovely. I'm so glad he's putting up such a strong fight. We'll keep sending those positive thoughts to help him on his way.

Good boy Jay!!!
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Please do! I've been following this and I'm so sorry it's such a delicate situation and we're pulling for him, Go little Jay Go little Jay Go little Jay!
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Ah the things we do for our cats and kittens. I remember when Sheba was little she ended up having one of the worst cases of worms the vet had ever seen. My newest one has all sorts of things. I just take a deep breathe and go one day at a time!! (well maybe a glass of wine too)
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Please don't give up on your finals. Talk to your professors and let them know there was a medical emergancy. Ask if you can take them at a later date. Just tell them you spent the night in the emergancy room and couldn't study due to worry. If they ask who, its a fosterchild you're helping to care for. Its not a lie...just a stretch of the semantics of the word "child"

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My best wishes and my prayers too...
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I'm glad he's doing a little better, I'll be praying for him.
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good improvements. hes back at the emergency clinic. his glucose levels are back up to normal or close at 132. he looked SO much better when i picked him up. he was lifting his head and started to purr when we opened his cage. he also walked around a little bit in the carrier. it seems he didnt like where we put him and wanted to be somewhere else. so things are looking better. still not out of the woods but getting closer thank you so so so much for all of your prayers. during the car ride i told him about everyone here and that they were expecting pictures and stories about him once he was feeling better.
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