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Are you guys missing one of the styles, the one I use to use is no longer there. I don't really remember the name. (It was light pink)
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pinky paws??
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No that's too pink.
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dreams of creams is a little pinkish
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It's not there I went through all of them and I couln't find it. It could be light purple.
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That stinks that its missing. I use the purrrrrrples one. I like it. Pale blue and lavender.
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the one i used to have is like a light purple with i want to say silverish hues??...i dont really remember though, it isnt on their anymore either
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I used the last one we voted on..it was a lavender style. I forgot the name too but it's missing
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Yeah I used to use that one to it is defanetly not there any more bummer
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Sorry guys I'm afraid I don't have a backup of that new style. I think I know which one you're referring to and I will try to recreate it or something very similar to it as soon as I can.
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