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Good vibes for Prada?

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Tonight Prada had diarrea and her gums and tongue look pale. She has also been sneezing a lot which we were told that was because her nose hasn't developed yet. We are taking her to the vet tomorrow morning at 10 am. I'm hoping she is fine, and that she isn't anemic.

On the other hand...she is one smart girl, she was thirsty and decided the big dogs old bowl was good enough for her (we just replaced it with stainless steel) and this is what happened:

She was litterally standing in the water dish, her front feet all the way in, little butt hanging off the side!
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I do hope she's O.K. What an adorable picture of her!
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What a cutie!!!!! I'll be thinking about her tomorrow until I get an update!!!!!
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Oh thats to cute

I hope she is ok
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I hope she's ok
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I'm sending her some good vibes, I hope she's ok.
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What a cute pic!

Sending positive vibes her way!
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sending lots & lots of positive thoughts your way let us know how the vet visit goes - but yes she looks like a very intellegent in that photo - great photo
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Sending Miss Prada some health vibes right now
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Hope all is well -- sending good vibes for the wee sweetie -- what a cute pic!
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Aw, she looks cute! I'm definitely sending good vibes your way!
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Aaawww, Prada, sure hope you feel better! Prayers for you! Please let us know how she is feeling, Meagan!
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That is so sweet.
Let us know on the updates.
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Please feel better for you mummie! Sending good Vibes!!!!!
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Poor Prada, I hope she feels better soon. I'll add my vibes to the others to help her on her way. We're all looking forward to seeing more cute pics of Prada.
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Aaaaw isn't she so sweet?! I hope everything's ok!
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Well we went to the vet and he says she looks normal. She weighed 1 lb 13 oz. the only thing there was is he found some worm eggsin her stools, so he gave her another dewormer. Other then that he said she was healthy, I am thinking the diarrea is from the new food. She is going to get a bath today though.
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Originally Posted by chixyb
Other then that he said she was healthy,

YAY!!!! That's such good news

She is going to get a bath today though.
I bet that'll cheer her up no end
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Right now she is busy playing with one of the cats toy mice, she LOVES cat toys so much, I guess because she can actually carry them around.
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<WHEW!> Well that's somewhat of a relief. I bet it caused a lot of anxiety and I'm glad it's just a little "glitch". What an adorable photo, goodness! You should send that it somewhere......
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WHEW! I'm so glad to hear little Prada is ok!!!!! She is so adorable!
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