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For Firefly (the series) Fans

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If you adored this series as much as I did (it came out in the US at the same time as John Doe), you'll be delighted to hear that a full length movie has been made by the series creator, Joss Whedon, called Serenity, it is due to hit the theaters in April 2005.

The hope is not only will it be a huge success, but that perhaps the series will be picked back up again.

I can think of very few series I've ever enjoyed as much as this one, any fellow fans here?
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I loved that show! I was so mad when it got cancelled. Thanks for the info on the movie.
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It really was a refreshing surprise...great writing and characters! I hope the film clears up a lot more about River, and the Shepard is someone whose history I'd like to know more about.
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We watched that show almost every week, but Fox put it in the "death slot" of Friday night. X-Files is, I think, the only show to make it out of that slot alive. Even successful shows (Dark Angel) that have been moved there were cancelled within one season. You would think they would get a clue. Fox has cancelled some fantastic shows - Firefly, Family Guy, Futurama, Kindred: The Embraced (although to be fair the main actor in the series died in a motorcycle accident, and I think there were some other legal issues with White Wolf...), that one about capturing the 100 escaped demons from hell.

Anyway, yes, I was pretty happy to hear that it would be made into a movie. Maybe if the movie does well enough they will have to bring the show back! I mean, they ARE finally bringing Family Guy back after the success of the DVD sets and how well it's doing on Cartoon Network and TNT.
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We are hopeful. We bought the series on DVD and were delighted to see 3 additional, never aired shows were on them, it was wonderful to get a bit of additional FireFly

I know that if sales are good on the dvd's that will help "the cause", and frankly, my posting it here is a bit on my part to get the word out...the movie needs to also be a success. I also wrote and asked that they be picked up as a re-run.

I so love this show!
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Thanks for the heads-up. I really enjoyed that show too.
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