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Fwan Update

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Update Update Update.
Please turn to channel 7 to watch fwans update news
OKay I am broadcasting my self on tv!
What you are reading now is a TV!!!!!!!!!!!! *does that make sense?*
OKAY!!!!!!!!! so
thank god to all of the fishie friends ive made with in the past few days. You people have given me a lot of advice and well.
Im moving out in January taking the fish tank. maybe.. not decided yet?

My boyfriend wants me to go up there tomorrow to sign for the appartment lease. I have decided not to go it was my instinct, but maybe i can sign it later???
Next week he will come down i think? YAY! it hasnt been a week but i miss him so much already.
My mum knows im leaving. Ive bought things for the house, this weekend i will go and buy crockery. yes you know cups, plates, mugs, forks, knives, toaster, OHH WALMART! OH IKEA OHHH FURNITURE STORESSSSS i just absolutely love shopping.
You know i had to stop looking at ebay because i couldnt stop bidding??
It became addictive untill i met TCS! im glad TCS saved me before i went er. you know broke?
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY FISHTANK its like absolutely.. wonderful! and i dont think i can take the water out and start all over again so!!!!!!!!
I'm going to give it to them for xmas and go and buy my own one next year!
So thats 2 xmas pressies out of the way!

Today i had to take my fur animals to the vet.. I only have one cat carrier and i use it for the rabbit i stuffed kitty in my jacket with its head poking out..
Ohh the meows became frustrating. but he was ok when we came home
My vet started laughin when i told her what his name was
His name is Teufel it means Devil in german.
I think they really dislike my bunny cos she is really agressive towards them so they keep on calling her monster!
Shes actually very sweet. She is jealous of kitty so now she jumps on my bed and sleeps with me too.. I have some pics of her when she was a baby i want to upload them to show you
They called my kitty a hero coz he only did a lil squeaky meow with his first injection. Then this dog came in and you should have seen Teufels TAIL! whoa i love it when it blows up.
It was funny when he first met bunny his tail wouldnt go down!
It costed us 50 euros for both of them. The rabbit is only 5 euros so kitty is very expensive.
My dad doesnt hink its worth it to vaccinate him and stuff but i will still do it anyway.
Im glad that getting him desexed isnt expensive! its only 58 euros. but he will have to wait untill he is 6 - 7 months before that happens.
so. i had something to say but i forgot haha.

I would like to thank everybody who has supported me, and kept me in their thoughts while TCS was down!
I even have a SS now im so happy

I still forgot what i was going to post. it was important too!!
oh well when it comes back to me i will post it again in this thread.

Thank you everyone

*now wheres that big group hug*
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Oh my gosh im so stupid!!
i was going to write about my worst sleep ever!!!
My bunny and kitty decided to sleep with me but they were attacking each other and they wouldnt get off the bed! so at 8 am finally my mum put the bunny in the cage and kitty slept on me! so i had to get up at 8 am to do my things but i decided to sleep in and i woke up at 1!
Also because bunny tried to wake me up for me to pet her she decided to poo next to my face
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Miss Fwan! This is so great to see. Love those fish tanks. But....my biggest hug is saved for the part where you listened to your instincts and declined the lease with your boyfriend. Now, I know how much you care for him, but I think you will find it won't hurt to wait and you can continue to focus on you and your needs right now. Right before the site went down you had a LOT on your hands and signing a new lease shouldn't be added to the mix. Just my pea-brain IMO!

ok here's the luv:

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awww gawsh i love the big stuff!!
You are so sweet so tripple in return hehe

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