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Looking for suggestions on what to allow

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First time kitty mommy here. Lucius is 4 months and Cissa is 3 months. I have a large house and don't plan on keeping them confined to any one area. What I need help on is suggestions on what I should or shouldn't allow, and the reasons behind it (I hope my request makes sense.) For instance, did you allow something and then find it backfired on you later?

The few times they've jumped on the kitchen table (chair to table) I've removed them and slid in the chairs. I don't mind if they are on the chairs. I know I do not want the kitchen counters to be "allowed," but the furniture for sitting on is allowed. But what about the end tables, they crawl right on those. I'd kind of like to make that a "no no," but I'm not sure how important that one is. They are already allowed to sleep on my desk, I'm hoping to keep them to one area of it though, and when they've gone to my part, paperwork and all, I've just removed them.

Are these reasonable wishes of mine, or am I being too optimistic? I'm just hoping to raise well-behaved cats.
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I think it's reasonable to decide which areas you want them to use and not use. There are plenty of cat deterrents on the market to help you train them.

Here is the "cat training" products page from the drs foster and smith website. (I love their catalogue and products):

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I think it is reasonable as well, just dont expect to much...remember they are cats and they are very curious and like high places... sara's favorite place to sleep is in the middle of the kitchen table, i have never been able to break her of that... but i allow her everywhere else almost... no kitchen counters, even though she cant jump that high yet....i dont let her in the computer room by herself cuz i dont want her in their chewing on wires and i only allow her on the first 3 shelves of a five shelf bookcase(i know, that one is kinda weird) , end tables are funny, she likes to hang over the side of them and look upside down at stuff, which is too cute, everytime she does it(which is not often) the camera is no where to be found(i think i am gunna start wearing it around my neck)
i think sara is very well behaved, and we are finally to the point where all i have to do is point the squirt bottle at her and she is gone, i dont actually have to squirt her... if i say to her 'lets go' she will get up and follow me out of rooms(i think that is more of an attachment thing though)
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[quote=SnowLeop]I think it's reasonable to decide which areas you want them to use and not use. There are plenty of cat deterrents on the market to help you train them.
I agree.

If you want to stop them goin certain places it might be a good idea to get them a couple of cat trees. You can make them out of old shelves or scrap wood, costs next to nothing
(try these sites)



I don’t let my kitty go anywhere with wires, near open windows and have found that other people don’t like them on surfaces where foods eaten or prepared. They learn pretty quick when you give them a better alternative.
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I don't allow mine anywhere they could endanger themselves - specifically on the stove or the wood burning fireplace (doesn't matter if they are lit/turned on). I also don't allow them to be on the kitchen table when we are eating, but otherwise allow it (and they know the difference). There are parts of my kitchen counter where I prepare food where they are not allowed. They are chased off the tops of tall furniture such as the top of the china cabinet, computer stand, TV stand, and CD cabinet. They are allowed on all chairs, sofas, end tables, coffee tables, etc.

But I give them alternatives to help with their need to be in high places - cat condos in all rooms where there is tall furniture, including a tree in the kitchen. When they get on top of things where I don't want them, I redirect them to the alternative tree.

Cats will go where they want to go, but if you make the places where you want to go fun, they will choose those first over the incorrect places. I'm actually pretty lenient with mine and everything works out over time.

My dilemna is when friends come over and see my cats on the kitchen table. Those that are cat friendly just laugh and pet them. Those that are cat adverse give me that "look", and I make sure that I disinfect the table (in front of them) prior to serving the meal. Love me, love my cat!
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I think everyone has pretty much said it--it IS possible to train cats not to go where you don't want them. That being said, it can take a while and you have to be consistent about getting them down off the forbidden location. That means you have to ALWAYS do it, or else, take it from me, you lose (this is how I ended up with kitties on the dining room table ).

The thing about keeping them to one part of your desk and not another might be a little much to ask though. At least with our two, a piece of furniture is either allowed or not--they can't learn, or else they choose to ignore, invisible boundaries.

As far as where you "should or shouldn't" allow them to go, that's for the most part a personal preference, with the exception of course of dangerous or unstable places--i.e., kitchen counters, because of sharp objects and proximity to the stove; windowsills by open windows if you don't have sturdy screens and/or safety bars. If it doesn't bother you if they climb on your end tables, then by all means, let them on your end tables (we do). Just think about (1) Do I care if this surface is covered with cat hair? (2) Will I be embarrassed or upset if the cat jumps up on this surface when company is over? (because they will) (3) Is there anything breakable on this surface?

Good luck!
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