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Pearl Harbor Day

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Today is Pearl Harbor Day, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. 2,390 men, women and children were killed that day. The youngest was a 3 month old girl. The 60th anniversay was in 2001 and there was a lot about it on the news that day but today I have not heard a word. My questions.....did you remember? And have you heard anything on the news about it today?
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I read a great article in sfgate about it today.


two locals were there.
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I remembered and challenged every kid at my school to ask their parents what Dec. 7th means in our history.
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We remembered here at the house. We were at the local restaurant and some of the older veterans were there talking about how it immobilized the nation moreso than 9-11 did -
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Living in AZ, of course I remember (its also my birthday). The ship's bell, from the USS Arizona hangs in the bell tower, of the University of Arizona Student Union. At ceremonies, last Sunday, it was rung for each crewmember, still entombed in the ship. It is also rung, every third Wednesday of the month at 12:07 p.m. The anchor from the Arizona is displayed on the plaza, at the State Capitol.

A bit of historical trivia: the USS Arizona is still carried on the US Navy records as a ship-of-the-line. She has never been decommissioned, as she still has crew aboard.
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I wasnt born yet.... But I have heard about it from my grandfather(who fought in WWII) and it was also on our local news today.
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