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Where in God's name are the rocks going?

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My babies are SO weird. They like running water, no problem. I have a fountain on my dresser in my room. Okay wait, I HAD a fountain on my dresser in my room. Then I redid dd's room and gave her my dresser. Now I'm waiting for my new bedspread to come in so I can paint my room and buy myself a new dresser, so my fountain is on the floor. In the bathroom. *sigh* Okay... so it's a rock fountain, not a drinkwell fountain, because lord knows my kitties are SO weird. Anyway, not only do they drink out of the fountain when it's running, but when it's not, they dig the rocks out of it and lick them. and chase them, and bat them around. Only I can't FIND the dang rocks. The bottom of the fountain used to be full of rocks, and the flat rocks laid on the rock levels. I just know that one day when I go to move, I am going to find 5 bajillion rocks somewhere. But WHERE?!?!?

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[quote=YaYas_Mom] But WHERE?!?!?

Easy: EVERYwhere! Sorry, I couldn't resist. The rocks are probably under your furniture, in closets, stuck in cracks and crevices around the house, etc.
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LOL. Yeah. The rocks are probably all over the place... I'm sure you'll find them when you vac the house. Careful with the kitties drinking from the fountain, the pipes can build up with mineral deposits and they aren't good for kitties to drink. (even though its so much fun to play with running water lol)
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Ha ha, I enjoyed reading this story! Mine do this with all sorts of things. Next summer I plan on decorating the big room downstairs which will involve moving all the furniture. I fully expect to find at least six toy mice and the many many table tennis balls which have gone 'missing' over the last few years!

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That's funny! Maybe they're hiding them under the couch - that's where Bay hides my pens!

Let us know where you find them!
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I only know that there are places in my house accessible and known to the cats and invisible tome. When Dushka was a kitten she always played with a green mouse, until one day it disappeared. She wnet all over,'calling ' for it and looking under everything, then my cleaner and I did the same but we never found it. The lo and behold, almost two years later Persil suddenly came trotting up the stairs with Green Mouse in her mouth, and it is now HER favourite toy. Where it has been in the meantime is a mystery known only to Persil, and she isn't telling (she has it in the photo).
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A few of the rocks got knocked under the door into the corner behind the door, and still more got "buried" under the rug. I found some in the hallway laundry area kicked under the dirty clothes hangy baggy thingy (you know that's the technical term) It's now been turned off and removed so that I can find the rest of the rocks as they've dissassembled it yet again in the hopes of finding more rocks I guess.

I too know that when I move furniture around I will find all the missing kitty pong balls, curly q's and what nots.
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in the past 4 weeks i bought 4 mices and they are all gone
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Make it fun. Pretend the Easter Bunny came and hid rocks instead of eggs
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