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Today is the day

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That my Precious BLUE EYED Darling Siamese girl Kotton goes for her ultra sound to see if and what kind of cancer she has. IF she is filled up with cancer I will be going home alone.

I am so heartsick I cannot stop crying. I have only been owned by her just about 2 years.

If you b elive in Prayers would you Pray it is NOT cancer or IF it is that it is a kind that can be cured or arrested by surgery and chemo so she can lead a healthy HAPPY life for many years yet? I just love this SWEET comoforting love so!

http://pic3.picturetrail.com/VOL22/5...3/74232549.jpg Kotton lying on computer room floor next to red blanket

Heidi and her Kidties
My Dear Special GIRLS:
Corkie - DEAR Courageous Litta Miss Incredible SWEETHEART Tabby
Saint Lady Kotton - Dearest Sweetest Comforting LOVE of a Blue-eyed Siamese Girl EVER!
Missy - LOVING & feisty & God and catfriends kitty gift to me
Benji - My WONDERFUL young PROTECTOR in a Spotted tabby boy body
With our, so desperately missed, BELOVED ANGELS :-{
Schatzi - BEST EVER TUXEDO Standard Poodle Boy & God's MOST LOVING ANGEL
Minnie -SUNSHINE SAINT, CALICO Girl - Heart of GOLD, & God's Most PURRFECT Angel
with AMIGO - dear loving Tom who almost was ours
The moon is my silver ~ The sun is my gold
Heaven will not Heaven be if my furbabies aren't there for me
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That is so sad Heidi!! i hope she is OK and that either it's not cancer or it is something fixable. I'll be thinking of you and Kotton today.
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She'll be in my prayers.
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Dear MyBabies... My heart goes out to you.. Please let us know what happens. I am so sorry for your pain. No one desrves this.. I send all my love to you and your baby.. Bless you both
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You both will be in my thoughts today.
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I am praying for you and your kitty, Heidi. Stay strong.
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I said a prayer for your Kotton. I really hope that she is alright! God bless you and yours, and keep us updated.
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oh sweetheart - you are both most certainly in our thoughts at this time and we all hope that this is nothing serious at all

please keep us updated and you know we are always here should you need to chat
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aww hunz i hope she is pregnant instead of cancer!
losing a cat is so painful even if they are so young
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I hope the news about your baby was good news...

I'll move this to Health & Nutrition.
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Praying for you....

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Oh she's beautiful, I've been praying for you... what happened?
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!
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