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Okay, Nathan has developed yet another weird new habit. When he wants me to wake up in the morning to give him breakfast, he walks circles around my entire body. He walks across the bottom of the bed below my feet, up the bed on one side of me, across the top of the pillow, and then down the middle of the bed on the other side of me, and so on and so on, round and round, until I get up (if I take him off the bed, he just jumps up again and continues). He always walks in the same direction, and he never does it to my bf, just me (I'm the one who feeds him five days out of seven, so that doesn't surprise me). I don't know that I find it any more or less annoying than the way he used to wake me, which was by swatting my face with his paw, but I am very curious to know if this "circling" is some kind of instinctive behavior, or if Nathan Cat is just, well, loopy.