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Color change in fur

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Is this normal? Tango is starting to get her "adult" fur meaning she isn't a fluffly little ball of kitten anymore but on her front legs and a bit on her nose she seems to be getting "freckles" of orange and black fur! Any ideas?
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I'm guessing it's normal... My kitten is already starting to get white hairs throughout his fur (he's all black) I was told by the vet to expect his fur to turn gray as he ages
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taht's really cool
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I'd guess it's normal. Our oldest kitty was about a year old when we got her and was a gorgeous blue and tan mix. As she got older, that pretty blue settled into gray. I wish her fur had stayed that same color, but I love her just the same
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I think it is normal because my solid black male Persian got shaved in the summer andhis black hair grew back with a lot of white in it. We do not show him so it was ok to shave him.

Take Care.....
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It is probably normal:-) - and sounds quite cute.

One of my black and whites had only one black spot on her nose as a kitten, but around her 2nd birthday she developed a second black spot on her nose and now has two. My two youngest both went through some rather extreme coat colour changes, especially Bear who was born very dark gray almost black tabby, then turned silver gray, then became gold - yes, a rich vibrant gold, and finally settled into a dark gray and golden brown tabby- very striking looking - especially as he also became long haired at about 10 months old and grew a mane just like a lion! Both he and his brother had copper coloured eyes until they were about 2 years old and then they changed colour to green. Their sister, who lives with someone else, went through similar colour changes to both coat and eyes.


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Thanks everyone! I just thought it so odd because I had never heard of it
Kathryn, yes it is quite cute
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I think it's normal. I have one cat aged 13 ho has changed pretty dramatically since he was a kitten.

When Snickers was a yougin', he had a red beard and a red tail, with bits of cream mixed throughout the red. His furry belly also had red and cream. The rest of him, shiny deep brownish black. The reason I named him Snickers was because the red color was like caramel, the cream like nougat, and the brown-black, was chocolate!

Snicky turned solid black at about age 3. He's still shiny and lovely but solid dark chocolate -- no more caramel & nougat.
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i think it is pretty normal. i got my girl when she was a teeny baby. she was basically cream-colored with a brown/gray nose, paws, ears, and tail. (siamese markings). she will be 5 in march, and her whole face is almost totally black, as are the rest of her limbs and ears, and she is more or less speckled all over with a grayish-brown. she's a very unusual looking, but pretty cat. she was an adorable baby kitty, though. :-)
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