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I had the nicest morning!

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I did chair massages at the local senior center's diabetic support group. They were the sweetest bunch, and really seemed happy to have me there. There was one very sweet elderly gentleman that was last in line. He lives alone and is going into the VA hospital next week to have bypass surgery on his heart. I was almost done working on him, and he seemed to want to say something, so I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him. He asked if I could work on his head a little more, that it relaxed him, and he had not been able to relax since he found out his surgery date. It really did something for me to be able to do such a small thing to help this sweet old fellow feel a little better. His name is Sam, and if you think about it, please send up a prayer and a little magic for him to make a full recovery.
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I am glad you were able to give him some peace and get some in return for your effort. I will keep him in my prayers!
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Prayers and good thoughts from here!
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That is such a wonderful thing for you to do!
I will keep dear Sam in my thoughts and prayers
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Aw Man.. I suppose I'm getting hormonal because that made me feel a little weepy. It reminds me of the time that I sang at the retirement home that was by my house. an old man hugged me and sat me in his lap (I was 10) because It made me think of his daughter. I found out later that he had alzheimers and his family never even visited him at the home, but my visit made his day
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Aaaawwww sending lots of good wishes Sam's way. So lovely that you could give him some peace for a while.
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He'll be in my prayers.
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I hope he recovers well
and we will keep him in our prayers.
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