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Advice on building a cat tree

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Hello all :tounge2: I plan to build my kitties a cat tree and was curious if any of you have made one. They are horribly expensive to buy..so since my dad is pretty handy with tools I thought we could make one together. Anyone have any pics of theirs? Plans would be great too. Thanks for your help.
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my dad just made me one. I wish I could give you advice, but he lives in Indiana and he made it there, and I live in Maryland. So I wasn't around when he made it and have no idea how he did it. I did give him some website addresses for cattrees that listed what they were made out of, to give him so ideas. I would post a pic of it but you can't post the same picture twice, and I already posted it. I will bring up the thread so you can see it.

good luck.

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Thanks so much! Your dad did a great job
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I just wish I could be of more help! Do a search on cat trees, and you will find a bunch of sites. That may help you get started.
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we just built a small cat enclosure with a kind of integrated cat tree. It tool a lot of planning and a lot of work but turned out really beautiful! I'm going to write an article about it and publish it on the site soon.

By the way, I'm moving this thread to the cat care forum.
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Just curious what method your dad used to attach the carpeting to the cat tree...glue? How did he get the edges to match up so you can't see where the sections end??
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My hubby is in the process of making a cat tree for our cats. Here is what he has done so far. Still needs some work yet. It has only cost us $20.00 and that was for the wood and rope. The rest is stuff we had.

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I have no idea. The next time I speak with him I will ask.
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My husband built one out of branches from a tree that was cut down. The base is 3 ft.X 3 ft. Where the branches were cut off he put a piece of board with carpet over that. It is about 6 ft. tall. I got most of my cat trees from Cat Shows in our area. The vendors usually run a cheaper Show price during the shows. I have one that is 7 ft. tall that I got at a cat show for less than $200. Check for Cat Shows in your area or close by. You can go to the TICA site or CFA site for dates of shows.
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there is a thread called "Blueprint for Cat Condo" in the Care and Grooming forum. I think it was around July of this year. There are plenty of blueprints with step by step instructions incl. material lists.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.
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