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Todays radio question 12/07/04

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Todays radio question was:

Did you watch the Princess Diana tapes on NBC and if you did, do you think they should have been shown to the world?
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No I didn't watch them, but I know the ones you were talking about and I don't think they should have been shown to the world.
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Heck, I didnt' even know they were on......
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No, I've outgrown that fascination. However, when I was a teenager I probably would have loved to see them because I loved anything Diana, even if it wasn't particularly flattering.
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I did not watch them, and as long as there is a desire to see them they will be shown. But I don't think it was in good taste to show them
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It's not being played over here, but out of curiosity just like the interview she gave for the t.v. on the royal family, James Hewitt, Camilla Parker Bowles etc... i would like to hear them
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no didnt see it, and dont think it sholdve been shown
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I saw a little bit of it, made me like her more. For instance when she came forward to say she was bolemic, she was advised that was a mistake and I admire her doing that.

I also got a better feel for how it feels to be a celebrity. Ugh.
I don't think they are whiners anymore.
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Not in the States, and we do not have cable in our home here in the UK so...nope, didn't see them!
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No I did not watch them. The poor woman is long since dead, can't they leave her alone to rot in peace?
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No I did not watch them.
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I havent seen them but we have some tapes that they released with the sunday newspaper when she died...
Apparently they showed the crash in america on tv. they wont show it in england because its too hurtful for the boys.
I just saw on tv today that they made Diana puzzles... i mean she is dead for a while now.
I mean you dont see Mother Teresa in all this fascination do you? or the pope or any other royal family
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no i sure didn't i didn't know it was on
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Nope didn't watch it, don't particularly care to. Now it may just be me being a "nasty" American, but I just don't see the fascination with the royal family. I kinda feel that to get all the adoration you should do something special, not just be born to the right family.
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I am sure it will be shown here soon - but I wont watch them.... I think its best to leave things alone now - but as previously said as long as their is a fasination then they will always be shown *sigh*
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Nope, didn't see them. I was never that ga-ga over Diana anyway. I mean, I'm sure she was a lovely person but I just never got into the hoop-la over her.
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I saw a story about them on one of the morning shows. I do not think they should have been shown. The man who had the tapes just wanted to get rich off of them, no matter what his escuse was for showing them.
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I am descusted with the whole thing it is about time people gave half a seconds thought to what all this crud dose to the minds of her children I hope the people that are getting rich off of any hooplar over Di or anyone else for that matter find that someone turns the table on them or someone they love sooner or later they descust me so no I don't think they should be shown I think the ass who has relised them should be put in a room with her boys for a few hours and see if he's so keen to relise that sort of crud then.

Sorry all this one hit a right nerve as you may be able to tell.
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